Collegiate Amateur Radio

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The ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio Initiative (CARI) was established to support and promote Amateur Radio among students and ham radio clubs at colleges and universities. Connect with other students. Further your own interests in wireless communications. Meet professionals whose careers have been influenced by being a ham radio operator. ARRL is your place for access to the latest developments in radio electronics and Amateur Radio public service. Join us!

We Want U … to expore the benefits of collegiate ham radio:

  • students
  • campus radio clubs
  • alumni
  • faculty
  • staff and administration

Social Media

  • Facebook. Check out our CARI Facebook group for a great way to contact other college students and radio clubs, and to share information, techniques, and resources.
  • Discord. Join the ARRL Collegiate Amateur Radio community on our Discord server at

Public Folder. This is a OneDrive folder with recordings, lists of College & University Radio Clubs, and other file sharing.

Collegiate QSO Party is September 18-19, 2021. The Collegiate QSO Party is an operating event focused on amateur radio clubs at colleges and universities around the world. Each fall, the Collegiate QSO Party provides an opportunity for clubs to demonstrate amateur radio to new members, engage with alumni, and promote activity throughout college and university communities.