Easy-To-Use Music Player Relies On RFID

The microwaves were easy to use. Set the dial to the desired time and press Start. Then everything became digital and the average microwave now takes between four and six button presses in the right order, just to start heating. Music players have taken a similar path, and those who grew up in the vinyl era may find modern digital media just too hard to work with. To resolve this issue, [ananords] smashed Yuuke, music player focused on ease of use.

Juuke has a simple interface designed to be as easy to use as possible. The songs are selected using printed cards with built-in RFID tags – placing them on the Juuke triggers. The volume is controlled with a simple knob, and the only two buttons are for play / pause and shuffle mode.

Below, the Arduino Uno controls the show connected to the RC522 RFID interface board. The music is processed by DFPlayer mini, which loads recordings from a microSD card. DFPlayer can be connected directly to a speaker, but there is also a 3.5 mm jack if the device is to be used with an external amplifier.

It’s a neat project and actually looks quite fun to use. Obviously, it takes some time to prepare the SD card and produce the RFID cards, but the final product can also be fun to use at a party. We’ve seen similar compilations before. Video after the break.