RS-HFIQ Software Defined Radio (SDR) 5W Transceiver Hits Kickstarter (video)

RS-HFIQ software defined radio (SDR) 5W transceiver

Enthusiasts, manufacturers and electronics enthusiasts may be interested in a new Kickstarter campaign launched by Hobby PCB for its RS-HFIQ 5W software-defined radio (SDR) transceiver.

Watch the video below to learn more about the RS-HFIQ, which is in the form of a high-performance 5W transceiver with software-defined radio (SDR) for CW, SSB, AM, FM and digital modes.

The creators of the hardware explain a little more about its features, specifications and functionality:

Not only the next SDR-RS-HFIQ offers real RF performance for serious communications. Covering the Amatuer 80-10M radio bands with excellent RX performance and 5 watts TX power, using open source SDR software for CW, SSB, AM, FM and digital modes, the RS-HFIQ sets a new standard for shortwave SDR communications.


-Frequency range-3-30 MHz (guaranteed performance of 80/60/40/30/20/17/15/12 / 10M hams)
-Sensitivity-MDS <-128 dBm at 80M, drop to <-135 at 10M (depending on the processing bandwidth and sound card performance)
– Noise figure – <15 dB at 80M decreases to <10 dB at 10M
– TX power 5W typically, minimum 4W
-LO Feed -thru <-50 dBc @ 5W output
-Parasitic and harmonics <-50 dBc typically <43 guaranteed
– DC power supply 13.8VDC, 2A max, plus USB power supply for Arduino Nano

For more information, skip to Kickstarter, where RS-HFIQ is available to support with early promises starting at $ 209.

Source: Kickstarter

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