The First 3d Printed Gun Has Been Fired, And I Don’t Care.

3d-printed pistolThey have several people send us this story. I’ve seen it everywhere. Many people are upset on several sides. 3D is a printed gun that can actually fire a shot.

First, we have people who fear that this will lead to undetectable weapons of people who would not have had access before. Then we have the fans of guns who react to others with cries for freedom, liberty and the like. The 3D printing community has had mixed reactions, but many are concerned that this will harm 3D printing in general.

I just don’t care.

Not that I am apathetic to people who are victims of gun violence. Not that I’m apathetic about gun rights. I just don’t think this particular event matters. It’s intriguing in the sense that it’s another “First!” For the 3D printer community, but I don’t care, keep the “first ones” coming.

Here are the different moments I’ve heard raised.

1. Accessibility: People are concerned that weapons will now fall into the hands of people who could not get them before.

I really don’t think that’s a legitimate concern. You will notice the machine that printed the gun. This was not your average experience. It cost as much as a small house. If you can afford this printer? You can afford a gun. Let’s just pretend that your average repressor can print this gun. You will have to buy or build it again. At this point, you could just buy a gun or … build one.

I guess you could use a friend’s printer to print your gun, but would that really be more common than taking someone else’s gun?

2. Restrictions on printing and legislation: Fans of the 3D printer fear that laws will be passed that will prevent them from printing things.

Do you own a lathe? A mill? Did you know that you can make better guns with them? That’s what arms companies do! It’s like having a weapons factory in your home! In fact, now that I remember, they use .22 lymphatic fire, which can be fired into a tube with a cap and a nail! How are hardware stores not illegal?

Listen, if they tell me I can’t print things in the shape of a gun, I’ll probably print one just out of malice. They would not apply such a stupid law, it would be impossible. They can’t even embed anything in the system like scanners that can’t scan money. Weapons are very diverse and can be made from basic geometry.

3. Anti-gun legislation: This can be used to enforce laws that restrict firearms in some way.

Anti-gun legislation must use so much gun violence as a basis that a slight change in production is really a drop in the bucket. This will not change their ability to limit things. At least I don’t think it will.

4. Legitimate concern: detectability.

The only real problem I see here is that the 3D printed gun will not be detectable by metal detectors. But the bullets are there, aren’t they?

These are mine opinions on a 3d printed gun. I do not delve into gun control in general. As these are opinions, they are likely to be poorly informed and incomplete. Feel free to participate in civil discussion on the topic.

If you’re wondering if I personally have a gun, I don’t. I think I’m too clumsy to own a firearm. I’m sure I would accidentally shoot someone when I do something stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I do dangerous things. Stupid, dangerous things.