ADI develops O-RAN radio unit

ADI’s radio platform includes all the basic functionality needed for an O-RAN-compatible 5G radio, including baseband ASIC, software-defined transceivers, signal processing and power.

The ADI platform allows radio designers and manufacturers to optimize the overall performance of the system for macro and small cellular solutions. The reference design will allow designers to create O-RAN-compatible radios using:

• Next-generation ADI transceiver, including advanced digital front signal processing (DFE), digital pre-distortion with GaN PA support, comb factor reduction, up-and-down digital converters.

• ASIC with low PHY bandwidth that provides 7.2x compatible solution for LTE, 5G and NBIoT, including IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol and eCPRI interface.

• Complete solutions for watches and power circuits.