Analog Devices Announces Complete Radio Platform for 5G O-RAN Ecosystem

WILMINGTON, Massachusetts – () –Analog Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADI) announced today an ASIC-based radio platform for 5G radios compatible with O-RAN, which is designed to shorten the time to market and meet the changing needs of 5G networks. The O-RAN ecosystem uses open standards to disaggregate the traditional network and allows greater flexibility and additional features in the carrier’s networks.

ADI’s radio platform includes all the basic functionality needed for an O-RAN-compatible 5G radio, including baseband ASIC, software-defined transceivers, signal processing and power. This advanced radio platform is designed to significantly improve performance and form factor to address the critical challenges of energy consumption and costs of next-generation networks, while reducing customer design cycles.

“O-RAN seems to be disrupting the traditional market by rethinking the network structure with open standards that will require new and innovative radio solutions,” said Joe Barry, vice president of wireless communications at Analog Devices. “ADI’s new O-RAN-compliant solution marks a major step forward for the ecosystem by providing an efficiency-optimized radio platform for 5G applications.”

O-RAN reduces barriers to entry and offers new opportunities for current and emerging wireless network providers. ADI engages directly with ecosystem actors to optimize the overall efficiency of the system, provide interoperability and additional industry capabilities.

“The launch of a low PHY baseband ASIC is a big step forward for Open RAN. There is now a clear path for OEMs to create competitive macro and small cell systems, ”said Andy Dunkin, Open RAN RF and Vodafone Group’s digital platform development manager. “Initiatives like this help build a healthy ecosystem.”

The Analog Devices platform allows radio designers and manufacturers to optimize the overall performance of the system for macro and small cellular solutions. The reference design will allow designers to create O-RAN-compatible radios using:

  • Next-generation ADI transceiver, featuring advanced digital front-end signal processing (DFE), digital pre-distortion with GaN PA support, comb factor reduction, up-and-down digital converters.

  • ASIC with low PHY bandwidth that provides 7.2x compatible solution for LTE, 5G and NBIoT, including IEEE1588 Precision Time Protocol and eCPRI interface.

  • Complete solutions for watches and power circuits.

“We are thrilled with ADI’s efforts to reduce barriers to entry into the O-RAN ecosystem by providing a whole new level of support for multiple wireless providers,” said Steve Papa, CEO of Parallel Wireless. “It is solutions like this that will speed up the standardization of the functional split for option 7.2 to facilitate interoperability integration.”

Technology assessment platforms will be available later this year.

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