Apple reportedly mulls stretching the iPad Pro to 14 and 16 inches • The Register

Apple may consider increasing the display size of the iPad Pro, with potential areas including 14-inch and 16-inch versions, according to reports.

The tracks came from Bloomberg sources claims to be familiar with Apple’s engineering plans.

If Apple decides to bring the device out after the concept-proof phase, the chatty people said it would be several years before it appeared on the shelves.

“I’ve been told that Apple has engineers and designers researching larger iPads that may appear in stores in a few years at the earliest. They are unlikely for next year – with Apple’s attention on the redesigned iPad Pro in its current size for 2022 – and may not come at all, “said Mark Gurman, a well-known Apple newswire spokesman.

The Cupertino-based company is expected to introduce a version of the iPad Pro with wireless charging next year. The redesigned machine will also include an all-glass back, replacing the standard aluminum body used in existing models.

Apple introduced for the first time iPad Pro in 2015. Unlike the iPad and iPad Mini, it was positioned as a legitimate computing device that could replace the Mac for some tasks.

Over time, Apple has built on this offering, offering a tablet-specific version of iOS for the iPad (called, predictably, iPadOS) and peripherals such as the Magic Keyboard Case. The latest iPad Pro even uses the same M1 processor found in the first generation Apple Silicon Macs.

A 14-inch or even 16-inch iPad Pro could be useful for those hoping to use their devices for creative work, even if its increased size can prove a bit cumbersome when used as a tablet.

Still, the locked nature of the iPadOS is likely to be a somewhat limiting factor. While many Mac professionals may find the prospect of a large, portable tablet attractive (a la Microsoft Surface), the limitations of distributing iPad apps can be daunting. ®