ASRTU-1 CubeSat with V/u FM Transponder Submitted for IARU Coordination


The Chinese Institute of Technology in Harbin is applying for IARU coordination on ASRTU-1 CubeSat. Among other possibilities, the satellite will provide a V / u FM amateur radio transponder. ASRTU-1 is a 12U CubeSat mission designed by Russian and Chinese students for education and amateur radio.

The Harbin Institute of Technology has successfully developed several amateur radio satellites, including LilacSat-2 (CAS-3H), LilacSat-1 (LO-90), DSLWP-A (LO-93) and DSLWP-B (LO-94). New SDRA transceiver-based transceiver was developed for ASRTU-1 to provide communication and experimental resources to radio amateurs, including a V / u FM transponder, a UHF down telemetry link, and a 10.5 GHz downlink image. The satellite will also allow radio amateurs to send satellite control commands to make and download images.

ASRTU is scheduled to launch from Russia in the fourth quarter of 2022. – Thanks to IARU