AUSA 2021: GA-ASI developing modular open systems approach for Gray Eagle

UAS with extended range of the gray eagle (GE-ER). (Photo: GA-ASI)

The components of the Modular Approach to Open Systems (MOSA) are currently being tested on a simulator before the flight tests in early 2022.

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems (GA-ASI) is working with the U.S. Army to develop a MOSA for UAS with extended eagle range (GE-ER).

Enable MOSA on GE-ER increase 2 will cover the entire system from aircraft to C2 software.

GA-ASI said the implementation of MOSA will provide new standards for C2, a future airborne capability environment, open mission systems and a universal weapons interface.

GA-ASI Vice President of Army Programs Don Catel said MOSA would support the rapid integration of capabilities. He added that the company wants to help US Army create a platform that makes “interaction between all platforms and users as easy as possible.”

MOSA will allow faster integration of payloads, communication equipment, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into GE-ER.

GA-ASI said this would reduce sensor-to-shooter time and bandwidth requirements in contested environments.