AUSA 2021: Rafael to showcase BNET NANO SDR

BNET NANO allows you to work with multiple voice groups from one device. (Photo: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems)

The newest member of the BNET radio family is equipped with Raphael’s MCR technology.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems introduced BNET NANO, the newest member of the company BNET software defined radio family.

The new palm-sized SDR shares the technological features of the BNET family, including scalability, multi-channel reception and spectrum superiority. Additional elements include Rafael’s Multi-Channel Reception (MCR) technology, expanded network capacity in terms of data speed and number of users, low latency and support for “flat” networks with hundreds of members.

BNET NANO cognitively manages spectrum resources, ensuring a seamless fusion of power with minimal planning and efficient use of spectrum. The radio can also operate in areas rejected by GPS, sense and avoid spectral interference, and operate as an LPI / LPD device in dense environments.

MCR allows the operation of multiple voice groups, data streams and video on a single device.

BNET NANO will be exhibited at AUSA 2021 in Washington.