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High frequency radio communication systems for airports

When combined with other Barrett accessories and options, Barrett HF transceivers can provide digital voice, email, chat, file transfer and telephone connection.

Encryption is available in the form of the DES-56 and AES-256 standards along with digital voice options. This extra security offers peace of mind when dealing with sensitive situations.

The unique design of Barrett HF systems allows integrators and end users to customize their installation to meet the unique individual requirements of the user. Whether it is a noise-resistant remote control via serial, IP, optical or other media, Barrett systems are designed to meet complex installation requirements.

HF transceiver for airport radio systems

The Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver is at the heart of Barrett’s HF range. Including ARINC 32, Selcall and ALE compatibility, this high-frequency transceiver is highly adaptable to any environment.

The Barrett 4050 can be installed in vehicles for mobile high-frequency communication or base station setup for a permanent solution. This is ideal for a variety of applications ranging from control towers to on-site emergency vehicles.

The full-color LCD touch screen provides unparalleled user convenience with easy-to-read icons, variable color themes and multiple languages ​​included in one system.

With the ability to interface via wireless or Ethernet connection, the Barrett 4050 allows integration into existing computer networks. This connection supports the remote control of their transceiver interface. This means that calls can be made from a transceiver via a mobile phone or smart device, while ensuring flexibility.

Powerful airport communication transmission system

The high-power Barrett 4075 transmission system uses a liquid-cooled linear amplifier to amplify the signal sent by the exciter (Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver). This allows greater signal strength and transmission distance.

Available in 500W and 2kW configurations, the extra power provided by the linear amplifier amplifies the emissions, allowing the signal to be received at a far greater distance than using a transceiver alone.

Pairing the high-power Barrett 4075 transmission system with directional antennas can further improve broadcast signal reception. For increased mobility, the system can be mounted in a sturdy 19-inch trunk housing.

HF airport asset tracking system

The Barrett 4077 HF Map n Track system uses HF to regularly update and display the geographical location of airport assets.

The GPS Push function of the transceiver 4050 allows mobile transceivers in the field to send automatically scheduled GPS positions to a base station. The base station receives these coordinates and displays them on a map. GPS Push automation eliminates the need to constantly update your current location. If the transceiver is turned on, the coordinates will continue to be sent on schedule.

Software maps can be customized by the computer operator to create corridors and exclusion zones and layer them on the existing map display. The operator will be warned if an asset leaves a safe zone or enters a dangerous zone. These areas can be modified at any time to easily adapt to changes in situations and input.

Send and receive emails via high frequency radio

The Barrett 4020 HF radio mailbox allows you to send and receive emails via HF radio. The gateway mailbox connects to the Internet and distributes regular emails on its HF network.

This is useful for remote sites where there is limited or no existing infrastructure. Staff can connect to the mailbox hotspot via Wi-Fi to send and receive emails as usual. The mailbox can be programmed to prioritize certain keywords, or recipients can immediately distribute such emails outside their usual schedule.

The small profile of the Barrett 4020 HF Radio Mailbox can be easily mounted on the side of the Barrett 4050 HF SDR transceiver, inside the car or a standard 19-inch stand for seamless integration with the full Barrett range.

Antennas and masts for radio installations at the airport

Barrett offers a comprehensive selection of masts and antennas suitable for any high frequency installation. The baseband’s 912 series broadband antennas provide directional beams when tuned in a horizontal configuration or more directional when installed in an inverted “V” configuration.

Lightweight and corrosion resistant, the 912 series offers up to 1kW radio frequency capabilities. Suitable masts and grounding options are available for all supplied antennas.

The automatic tuning of the high-frequency antenna Barrett 2019 is designed to complement the mobile installations of Barrett HF transceivers. Rather, at 125W, it can be mounted on a vehicle and is paired with a two-section household antenna as standard.

The almost vertical frequency capability of the Skywave (NVIS) can be achieved by combining the 2019 HF auto tuning antenna with the Barrett NVIS Whip antenna. 2019 automatically adjusts its set length for each frequency before transmission.

About Barrett Communications

Barrett Communications has more than 40 years of experience in the production of high-frequency radios. The company’s first radio, the F24, was developed as a high-frequency radio for the Australian aviation sector in 1976, launched under new legislation requiring small aircraft to be equipped with a single HF radio. By the time the F24 retired in 1992, more than 6,000 units had been sold.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, with offices in New York, USA and Hampshire, UK, Barrett’s team has provided world-class solutions to customers on every continent, including Antarctica.

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