Bluestone Invests in Open-Source Developer CTI; John Allen Quoted

Private equity firm Bluestone Investment Partners made an undisclosed investment in CTI, a technology company that uses open source architectures for the military and security software.

CTI is developing modern military and security systems designed to support command and control, electronic warfare and other operations, Bluestone said Tuesday.

John Allen, Bluestone’s managing partner, said the growth CTI is experiencing underscores the market’s acceptance of the company’s open source business model.

“[CTI’s commitment] ensures that customers in the military and intelligence community have access to the latest technology at a fraction of the cost of the traditional patented approach of large system integrators, ”said Allen.

To analyze huge amounts of data and to activate machine learning for combat operations, CTI uses geovisualization technologies such as TAK and Raptor, software-defined GNU Radio and Redhawk radio applications, and Apache tools, including Hadoop and Spark.

The open source technology company works in support of combat teams, special operations theaters, military service components and Defense Department programs.