CaribouLite open source Raspberry Pi SDR HAT

CaribouLite open source Raspberry Pi SDR HAT CaribouLite a new open source The Raspberry Pi SDR HAT will soon be available for purchase from the Crowd Supply website, offering an affordable, educational open source SDR platform offering up to 6 GHz adjustable bandwidth. Specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 40-pin mini PC series, the open source board is designed for manufacturers, hackers and researchers and is designed to complement the current SDR ecosystems with scalable, stand-alone dual-channel software-defined radio. As a fully open source SDR, users can reprogram, modify and enhance CaribouLite’s own capabilities.

“Unlike many other HAT projects, CaribouLite uses SMI (Secondary Memory Interface), which is present in all 40-pin RPI versions. This interface is not fully documented in either the Raspberry-Pi documentation or the Broadcomm reference manuals. The amazing work done by Lean2 (code in git repo) when hacking this interface contributes to the technical feasibility of CaribouLite. A more in-depth overview of the interface is provided by GJ Van Loo, 2017 Secondary_Memory_Interface.pdf. The SMI interface allows the exchange of up to ~ 500Mbit / s between RPI and HAT, but the results vary between different versions of RPI. The results additionally depend on the DMA speeds of the specific RPI version. “

CaribouLite Raspberry Pi SDR cap

“In our application, each ADC sample contains 13 bits (I) and 13 bits (Q), which are transmitted with a maximum sampling rate of 4 MSPS from the AT86RF215 IC. This channel requires 4 bytes (samples padded to 32 bits) per sample (and I / Q pair) => 16 MBytes / sec, which is 128 MBits / sec. In addition to the 13-bit data for each of the I / Q data streams, Tx / Rx contains flow control and configuration bits. The Microchip IC modem (AT86RF215) IC contains two RX I / Q outputs from its ADC (one for each physical channel – below-1GHz and 2.4GHz) and one TX I / Q input directed to the DAC. “

Source: GitHub : Crowd delivery

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