Commtact set to launch new multi-platform broadband comms solution

CommNet is intended for use by military and civilian emergency services. (Photo: Commtact)

CommNet has its own technologies to support C2 centers and emergency teams.

The Israeli company Commtact will present its new multi-platform wireless broadband communication system CommNet on October 19-22 at the event in Millipol in Paris.

Through leverage patented wireless technologiesCommtact CEO Ariel Kandel said CommNet responds to the demand from emergency, medical and C2 center teams for “continuous and reliable communication at all times and in all terrains.”

The in real time network CommNet “improves real-time awareness of the situation in various missions” by maintaining ongoing real-time communication between multiple users working on different platforms, Commtact said in a statement on October 11.

By incorporating high-performance software-defined radios into robust, body-worn components, CommNet provides reliable, low-latency video, voice, and data with consistently high quality service for robust multidomain platforms, Commtact added.