COMSovereign’s Innovation Digital LLC and IQ-Analog Announce Strategic Alliance for Next Generation of Software Defined Radio Technology

DALAS and SAN DIEGO,, August 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – COMSovereign Holding Corp. (NASDAQ: COMS) (“COMSovereign” or “Company”), a US-based developer of 4G LTE Advanced and 5G communication systems and solutions, today announced that Innovation Digital LLC (“Innovation Digital”) unit and IQ analog (“IQA”), a leading developer of broadband transceivers targeting military communications and technologies for the next generation of cellular communications systems, has entered into a strategic development alliance aimed at “beyond 5G” wireless communications.

As part of the strategic alliance, IQA will incorporate Innovation Digital’s patented digital signal processing algorithms and architectures into its next-generation Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (“ASICs”) for future commercial and military markets. The Strategic Alliance intends to provide unique solutions serving the military market for billions of dollars, including communications, RADAR and sensor systems with phased arrays. The technology will also support next-generation 5G trading systems, addressing both sub-6 GHz and mmWave implementations, including multi-beam frequency-antenna systems and accelerated processor units for 5G Access Edge systems.

By eliminating the need for many modern RF (HF) hardware components and moving digital processing closer to the antenna, companies believe that their combined technologies will provide the industry with “beyond the latest” broadband transceiver products, including unprecedented productivity and energy efficiency. This new architecture will reduce the cost of future radio hardware designs, increase reliability and improve performance, and jointly developed solutions can be used to enhance COMSovereign’s next-generation 5G radios. The new alliance further expands the existing relationship between the Company and IQA, which includes continuing commitments with Innovation Digital and COMSovereign Silver Bullet Technology, which already provides engineering services to support the development of IQA’s ASIC.

Dr. Scott Velazquez, founder of Innovation Digital and principal investigator at COMSovereign, said: “Our proven signal processing techniques, combined with industry-leading IQ-Analog chips, have the potential to address many of the most challenging barriers to 5G and beyond, including providing of robust ultra-broadband communications in increasingly busy RF environments. In addition, through a combination of technologies, we now enable modern RF systems to be fully software-defined, providing the flexibility to support many signaling protocols, extremely wide tuning frequencies and over-air upgrades without requiring hardware changes. “

Mike Capes, Founder and CEO of IQ-Analog, commented: “Our strategic alliance with Innovation Digital brings market-differentiating capabilities to our ASICs to provide the highest bandwidth and lowest resolution and lowest resolution communication systems. power. We look forward to working together to introduce this critical technology to both new and existing customers later this year. “

IQ-Analog’s ASIC family offers the ability to convert full spectrum® with over 30 GHz instantaneous bandwidth, provided by 64 gigabytes per second data converters. IQ-Analog uses its unique approach to high-speed data conversion, known as Traveling Pulse Wave Quantization®, which offers fundamental power, size and economic benefits. Innovation Digital’s algorithms and architectures will be customized, optimized and integrated into IQ-Analog’s new generation F1000 / F2000 Full-Spectrum Conversion® ASIC, as well as hardware wave analyzer systems built by IQA and including IQ-analog ASIC.

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Innovation Digital, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of COMSovereign) is a leading developer of “out-of-date” mixed analog / digital solutions for signal processing, intellectual property licensing (IP), design and consulting services. Innovation Digital’s signal and IP processing techniques have significantly improved the bandwidth and accuracy of radio frequency transceiver systems and provided capable technologies in communications and RADAR systems, signal intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare (EW), test and measurement systems and semiconductor devices. Learn more at

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IQ-Analog Corporation is a leading developer of broadband transceivers serving markets for advanced wireless communication and radar systems. With more than a decade of research and development, IQ-Analog’s new approach to high-speed data conversion using time domain signal processing is at the heart of a new class of integrated circuits performing digital antenna processing with unprecedented performance and energy efficiency. IQ-Analog is headquartered in San Diego, California.

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