Doble Simplifies Insulation System Testing of High Voltage Assets with Spark P3

MARLBOROUGH, Mass.,, April 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Doble Engineering Company, a leader in electrical network diagnostics solutions and a subsidiary of ESCO Technologies Inc. (NYSE: THAT), today announced the release of the Spark P3, universal analyzer for partial discharge (PD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). The new device allows users of all experience levels to easily perform comprehensive diagnostics and analysis of the PD and EMI insulation system on a wide range of high voltage appliances, including rotating machines, power transformers, transformer transformers, switchgear, cables and accessories.

The device uses a software-defined radio signal detector to identify the deterioration characteristics of the insulation system, which can lead to failure of high voltage equipment. The detector is configurable for any sensor with a frequency range between 1kHz and 2 GHz for PD and EMI and DC up to 500kHz for measuring acoustic and reference voltage. With a wide range of advanced diagnostic tools, including phase-enabled PD analysis, spectrum analysis, time-limited narrowband analysis and automatic defect assessment of the machine’s rotating insulation system, end-users are equipped to detect emerging faults early and to avoid interruptions and other damage.

“Traditional test approaches rely on a wide range of detection methods and require a trained expert to help interpret the results, which can make it difficult to quickly diagnose partial discharge characteristics and electromagnetic interference.” Folk Werner, Solutions Manager at Doble Engineering Company. “We designed this new universal analyzer to automatically perform measurements, classify signals, analyze data, and more so that teams can focus on the impact on the results instead of the subtleties of the measurements.”

The Spark P3 comes with an automatic signal classification system that allows users unfamiliar with the characteristics of the PD and EMI signal to obtain reliable results, helping them to distinguish these signals from unpleasant signals. The algorithm also helps classify different types of PD and EMI defects based on their signal characteristics. “Wizard Mode” directs newer users through measurement and data collection procedures with an intuitive user interface that eliminates all unnecessary elements and functionality, while “Expert Mode” allows more experienced users to use the system as a traditional laboratory device, which can be configured to perform measurements in any desired shape.

Doble’s Spark measurement systems will integrate with the accompanying Doble Pulse software, which allows the user to manage measurement data, edit test plans and asset information, visualize measurement data, and export individual datasets, or whole testing plans to report templates.

The analyzer also includes configurable, pre-set test and measurement plans, making it ideal for a wide range of users, including utilities, field testing companies, large industrial organizations, universities and laboratories. The lightweight, portable and battery-powered device is suitable for both desktop and on-site settings. A 19-inch trunk adapter is also available. The device includes multiple input channels, including two PDs, two reference voltages and two acoustic emission channels, and comes with a 100-240V 2A power supply.

For more information on Doble’s new Universal Partial Discharge and Electromagnetic Interference Analyzer, please visit the website.

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