Draken Europe, Collins Aerospace Collaborate on Next Generation Air Combat Training Systems

Draken Europe, Collins Aerospace Collaborate next-generation air combat training systems

Draken Europe and Collins Aerospace have signed an agreement to introduce Collins Aerospace’s Joint Safe Air Combat Training System (JSAS) for use with the Draken Falcon 20 fleet in support of operational readiness training for the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy.

The solution consists of aircraft-mounted JSAS pads plus a ground station built in collaboration with Leonardo DRS, and offers an advanced high-capacity, low-latency and multi-hop network using software-defined radio hosting multiple waveforms, providing multiple waveforms. key opportunities to achieve secure, LVC, multi-domain collective learning.

With the first systems delivered to Draken Europe’s headquarters, these CRIIS (Common Range Integrated Instrumentation System) -based pods, already widely used by USAF and USN for training and analysis, will be released for Falcon 20 fleet flight, with the first tests by the end of 2021. As part of this Draken operational readiness training agreement with the Ministry of Defense, JSAS security will allow near-real-time combat training information to be reviewed at the aircraft base and ready for de-briefing. immediately after landing. This interoperability is possible with the Multiple Independent Security Levels (MILS) architecture, which ensures that classified data is protected while being shared between platforms with the same security levels.

The system will be upgraded over time with a variant of the next generation tactical combat training system – Increment II modules (TCTS II), allowing fully encrypted interoperability with all coalition platforms in legacy P5 and future P6 forms of air combat maneuvering (ACMI).

The agreement goes beyond systemic assurance and includes a commitment to seek opportunities for greater demonstration of technology with our coalition partners and to be used as a platform to bring virtual and constructive training effects to the UK’s defense. Collins Aerospace has 4,500 direct employees in the UK in 20 locations, including engineering, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain operations.

“We are incredibly pleased to receive these highly sophisticated next-generation systems to improve our training capabilities and improve interoperability with our military customers. Our ongoing investments in this area, together with our extensive operational experience, allow us to adapt and optimize our training efforts to reflect the ever-changing threat that our customers actually face, ”said Paul Armstrong, CEO of Dragon Europe.

“JSAS enables the combatant to train and improve joint tactics, techniques and procedures in a safe environment against the threat of enemy peers, unlike anything seen in the past. We are excited to provide this proven capability to Draken, “said Heather Robertson, vice president and general manager, Integrated Solutions for Collins Aerospace.