DRM General Assembly to set strategy for 2021- 2022

The DRM Consortium will hold its second virtual General Assembly on 15you April featuring members and guests from around the world.

The morning session, open to members and invited guests, will review progress made over the past year in countries such as India, South Africa, Indonesia, Brazil and others such as Hungary or Russia.

The rapid development of DRM receivers also has its own special slot on the agenda. The presentation of the receiver will focus on almost 3 million DRM receivers in Indian cars and new consumer models of receivers (standalone, automotive solutions and adapters, SDR and mobile solutions) from China, India, Germany, UK. They now support the full DRM standard (AM and FM) and all sets of DRM features, giving additional benefits such as EWF (Emergency Warning Function), distance learning, additional content in different languages.

The agenda includes a special update of the recent Indian DRM process in the FM band, combined with the initiatives of the recently established DRM DRM automotive group.

The online meeting will give members and guests the opportunity to share news and ideas and contribute to the Consortium’s strategic direction in the coming months. The consortium will continue to strengthen links with the automotive and receiver industries and improve overall communication, virtual, two-way and face-to-face, in new and innovative ways.

According to the President of the DRM, Alexandra Obrezha: “Over the last 12 challenging months, radio has proven its great power and improved role. Digital DRM radio has proven to be flexible, as digital DRM broadcasts can be easily inserted even in what appears to be the full spectrum of the FM band. We have also proven that DRM can offer distance learning and disaster warnings at low energy costs, which we see becoming increasingly important and useful. With the support of regulators, distributors, industry and listeners, DRM will make it possible for anyone, wherever they are and whether they are connected to modern technology or not, to be safe, informed and educated. “

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