DSEI 2021: Irish Air Corps selects C2 software for PC-12 fleet

SitaWare C2 software has been installed on all of the Irish Air Corps’ PC-12NG aircraft. (Photo: Defense Forces Ireland)

Longstanding operator of Systematic’s SitaWare, Defense Forces Ireland, selects the software for its Pilatus PC-12NG fleet.

Defense Forces Ireland has installed Systematic’s SitaWare C2 suite on its fleet of four Pilatus PC-12NG aircraft.

SitaWare enables data to be shared with all mission participants ensuring reliable C2 capabilities and near real-time situational awareness across all domains and command levels.

Two SitaWare solutions are included in the suite, SitaWare Headquarters is used for overall mission management and SitaWare Frontline is used to interface with ground and naval components.

The software can draw on data from the multi-mission sensors that are fitted to the Specter platforms.

Capt Paul Shorte, CIS Officer at the Defense Forces Training Center, described how it facilitates the operational handover to a new aircraft ‘When they arrive they already have all of the mission data’.

The Irish Air Corps operates four PC-12NGs, one is configured for the utility role and three are configured as Specter platforms to provide ISTAR capability to the Defense Forces.

According to Shephard Defense Insight, the PC-12 is a single-engine, turboprop, light cargo and passenger aircraft designed for military transport, cargo transport and in-theater support.

Most have been built for civilian operators, although several militaries operate the aircraft including Bulgaria, Finland, Iraq, South Africa and the USA.