Elbit Systems launches new multi-channel SDR technology

E-LynX multi-channel full duplex allows simultaneous and dynamic conversation between users. (Photo: Elbit Systems)

Improved E-LynX strengthens SDR integration in many domains, says Elbit.

On October 13, Elbit Systems announced new plans to add multi-channel and full-duplex technologies to its E-LynX software defined radio (SDR) family, strengthening their SDR-based solution for multidomain digital transformation.

Elbit Systems said the new technology will allow the simultaneous use of multiple radio frequencies for transmission and reception, using one or more waveforms and avoiding the availability limits of channels that are typical of normal radio systems.

The multi-channel network will also maintain speed, resilience, secure and immune communication in any terrain.

In addition, the new full-duplex technology will allow tactical users to exchange information simultaneously and have dynamic conversations, for an accelerated flow of information on the battlefield.

Several countries, including Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Brazil and Israel, have selected the SDR E-LynX family for their multidomain digital transformation.

A NATO client, Sweden and Israel have signed a contract with the company to receive more than ten thousand multi-channel full-duplex SDRs.