Elcome And Broadcast Solutions Complete Successful Maritime Mesh Network Trials

Elcome International and Broadcast Solutions recently completed a live demonstration of a Proof of Concept (POC) of a marine coastal operations network.

The POC demonstration, which involved a ground station and several vessels, confirmed the system’s expanded capabilities, including live messaging and video conferencing between headquarters and mobile units at sea.

The marine network uses advanced software-defined tactical radios with multiplexing modulation technology, specialized antennas, and IP collaboration tools to communicate between interconnected cells. The multi-node network can maintain secure low-latency broadband connectivity with offshore vessels, wide operational roaming in offshore areas.

Network communication modes include voice-over-IP (VOIP), multi-streaming video, push-to-talk (PTT) radio, messaging, file transfer, and other IP-based applications. A video control system optimizes the power supply of the interface from the electronics of the vessels, such as radar, sonar, ECDIS, infrared sensors and surveillance cameras, for real-time surveillance in the shore command center. Playback mode can be used to analyze events after action.

“During the POC demonstration, the IP network achieved successive 30 Mbps bandwidth in a sector of 20 nautical miles,” said Nicholas Hans, a partner at Broadcast Solutions Middle East. “Apart from the point-to-point connection, the marine network allows communication between points and many points on a scale. Such flexibility paves the way for various uses for defense, oil and gas or port operations. “

“This POC trial provided a compelling demonstration of the potential benefits that a mobile IP network can bring to broadband services for vessels and offshore platforms,” ​​said Jimmy Greval, CEO of Elcome International. “We look forward to working with Broadcast Solutions to move fully into this powerful technology.”
Source: Elcome International