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ANDOVER, Massachusetts – Two large high-performance embedded computer companies are joining forces with the announcement this morning that Mercury systems in Andover, Massachusetts, acquires Pentek Inc. in Upper Saddle River, NJ, for $ 65 million in cash.

On the acquisition of Pentek, Mercury CEO Mark Aslet says, “their capabilities add scale and breadth to the existing portfolio of mixed-signal products and deepen our penetration of our core radar, e-warfare (EW) and signal intelligence markets.”

Mercury acquires Pentek Technologies LLC and Pentek Systems Inc. subject to adjustments to net working capital and net debt. For Mercury’s fiscal year, ending July 1, 2022, Pentek is expected to generate revenue of about $ 20 million.

Pentek specializes in high-performance, high-performance commercially available (COTS) software-defined radio and data acquisition boards, data recording systems, and subsystems for high-end military and commercial applications.

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“There’s a great fit between the two businesses strategically and culturally,” said Roger Hosking, vice president and co-founder of Pentek. “Our business-oriented business model will provide a diverse portfolio of building blocks, allowing low-risk expansion of content at the module and subsystem level.”

Mercury specializes in reliable, secure, open architecture built-in calculations solutions for handling critical applications that need to work in challenging environments.

Mercury has been in acquisition mode for the past few years. The company’s latest acquisition was avionics, electronic warfare (EW) and trusted computer expert Physical Optics Corp. (POC) in Torrance, California, $ 310 million in cash in December.

In 2018, Mercury acquired Germane Systems in Chantilly, Virginia, for $ 45 million in cash to gain access to a program that installs robust computer servers aboard U.S. Navy submarines. Germane Systems has been involved in the U.S. Navy’s COTS (A-RCI) program for several years.

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Germany had specialized in robust computer servers, robust computers, and reliable data storage for management, control, and information applications. Germane’s computer hardware is designed for harsh environments in US and international defense programs, as well as in industrial applications.

In December 2017, Mercury acquired a robust embedded computer specialist, Themis Computer, in Fremont, California, a company with a long legacy in naval calculations, for $ 180 million in cash. Prior to the acquisitions of Germane and Themis, Mercury strengthened its experience in radio frequency and microwave technologies for military and space applications with its acquisition in April 2017 of Delta Microwave Inc. in Oxnard, California, for $ 40.5 million in cash.

In 2016, Mercury expanded its experience in robust, critical security mobile computing for commercial and military aviation with the acquisition of CES Creative Electronic Systems SA for $ 39 million in cash.

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In April 2016, Mercury gained additional knowledge in the field of computer technology to combat counterfeiting and trust by purchasing Microsemi Corp. embedded security systems, RF and Microwave and consumer microelectronics for $ 300 million.

In December 2015, Mercury strengthened its profile in secure computing and military and commercial engineering design services with the acquisition of Lewis Innovative Technologies Inc. (LIT) in Decatur, Alabama. The terms of this transaction have not been published.

For more information, contact Mercury Systems online at www.mrcy.com, or Pentek on www.pentek.com.