Epiq Solutions Introduces Matchstiq™ Z3u, a New Radically Small, Field-Ready, Low Profile Software-Defined Radio (SDR) RF Platform Ideal for On-the-Go Signal Processing

The new Matchstiq Z3u from Epiq Solutions

The Matchstiq Z3u breaks the form and rethinks the possibilities for developing and using SWaP-limited signal processing applications, supporting both stand-alone operation and deployment when attached to a mobile computing platform.

Epiq Solutions, an engineering company developing modern RF tools for situation awareness and a detailed look at RF environments, presents today Matchstiq Z3u, the newest member of The Matchstiq family on flexible, application-ready software-defined platforms (SDRs). The Matchstiq Z3u helps engineering teams accelerate their development schedule and time to market by providing a flexible RF platform in a mobile-ready factor. This allows these engineering teams to focus on developing their signal processing applications instead of the complexity of developing SDR platforms limited in size, weight and power (SWaP).

Matchstiq Z3u combines a Xilinx® Zynq® UltraScale + ™ chip system (SoC) with a quad-core ARM processor running Ubuntu Linux, AD9361 RFIC on analog devices, integrated Rx pre-selected filters, GPS disciplined generator, 10 MHz + PPS inputs and USB 3.0 OTG interface. Applications can run locally on the Zynq US + SoC or remotely on a host device such as a mobile phone, tablet or laptop by connecting to the Matchstiq Z3u via USB 3.0. An eMMC (128 GB) and an externally accessible microSD card slot are included to provide multiple storage options. Power can be provided to the platform via the USB-C interface or via an external DC input input. The entire platform, including its custom aluminum case, measures only 3.64 ”x 2.74” x 0.75 ”and comes with a magnetic mount option to attach it to a host device.

“The Matchstiq Z3u breaks the matrix and rethinks the possibilities for developing and using SWaP-limited signal processing applications, supporting both stand-alone operation and deployment when attached to a mobile computing platform,” said John Orlando, CEO and founder of Epiq Solutions. “This platform builds on Epiq’s 10 years of experience in developing innovative SDR solutions that our customers can trust, and we are excited to continue to push the boundaries when it comes to RF, limited in size, weight and power.”

A complete platform development kit (PDK) is available with a Linux Support Pack (BSP), open source API, and FPGA reference design source code to allow customers to develop their own Matchstiq signal processing applications Z3u. This PDK uses the same API and FPGA reference design used with Epiq Sidekiq’s portfolio of SDR modules, providing a familiar interface to existing customers.

The Matchstiq Z3u continues the tradition of the Matchstiq family of RFsti platforms, offering high-performance signal processing capability in a small and lightweight package. Available for order now with production units shipped in the fourth quarter of 2020. To order or for more information, contact Epiq Solutions by calling (847) 598-0218, email sales@epiqsolutions.com or visit https://epiqsolutions.com/contact/

About Epiq Solutions

Epiq Solutions develops cutting-edge RF situational awareness tools and a detailed look at RF environments to help you identify and take action against wireless threats. With more than a decade of experience serving government-focused industries, Epiq Solutions understands how important speed, cost and performance are for defense and security applications. Our radically small, modern SDR transceiver modules and turnkey RF sensitive instruments lead to size, weight and low power consumption. Whether it is necessary to develop mission-critical security communications for the battlefield or to protect sensitive information, Epiq Solutions is a trusted provider of RF solutions. For more information on Epiq Solutions products and design services, please visit epiqsolutions.com.

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