Equinix Boosts 5G And Edge Ecosystem Innovation With Nokia

The company brings the power of interconnectedness to boost innovation in mobile ecosystems with the first-of-its-kind sandbox technology environment to test 5G real-world deployments

REDWOOD CITY, California.,, September 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the world’s digital infrastructure company, announced today that it has implemented the first-of-its-kind, fully functional 5G and Edge Technology Development Center, which includes a fully operational, standalone 5G network from Nokia to test and validate various 5Gs. services and uses. Equinix invests in helping service providers and network operators to introduce innovative concepts to the market by providing a flexible manufacturing framework for 5G evaluation, incubation and testing and end-to-end end-to-end secure application solutions.

5G and Edge Technology Development Center – located on Equinix DA11 International Business Exchange ™ (IBX®) Dallas Data Center — brings together selected ecosystem actors to develop ultimate solutions by providing a ready-to-produce sandbox environment for connectivity from the radio network to the cloud. Mobile network operators (MNOs), cloud platforms, technology providers and enterprises are coming together in Equinix to test, demonstrate and accelerate complex 5G and end scenarios – key activities that will make 5G deployment accessible to enterprises in the future. Equinix Fabric ™ directly, securely and dynamically connects distributed infrastructure and digital ecosystems on the Equinix® platform. Customers can establish network connections from a data center to a data center on demand between any two Equinix Fabric locations within a subway or globally through a software-defined connection.

“Looking to a future where 5G is ubiquitous, the way IP traffic travels between networks around the world will change completely, and interconnected data centers will play a crucial role in this new future dominated by 5G,” he said. Sean Hamfill, Vice President of Webscale Business at Nokia. “Equinix’s approach to digital infrastructure allows access to a large ecosystem by end users and service providers. Nokia’s IP solutions support Equinix Fabric, ensuring seamless interconnection between its global data centers. We are pleased that Equinix Fabric will bring the power of interconnection to help customers test real 5G and real-world deployments. “

The Dallasbased on 5G and Edge Technology Development Center will initially focus on the following uses:

  • Mobile hybrid multi-cloud connectivity: Evaluate strategies to ensure that 5G consumer traffic can reach multiple clouds and hybrid end-to-end computing resources efficiently and effectively.

  • Net cutting: In order to facilitate private wireless corporate networks that maintain secure, predictable end-to-end quality.

  • Common artificial intelligence and machine learning: Explore the optimization of AI / ML applications and infrastructure distributed along the edge, directly connected to 5G and interconnected with clouds to provide dense data capabilities such as scene and video analysis.

  • Activation and organization of infrastructure: Study of the optimal implementation strategies for 5G RAN, fronthaul, core and edge computing infrastructure and function management in different domains.

  • Augmented and virtual reality: Validation of a uniform experience, constant quality and everywhere with high mobility and high movement.

  • Games: Demonstrate responsive peripherals with low latency host games using the edge of the subway for delivery.

Equinix is ​​actively advocating for new uses of 5G. The first use case is Secure Edge from Exium, which allows for extremely secure, seamless edge computing functionality with multi-access with tightly integrated security and networking features from the cloud to endpoints to the devices themselves. With Exium located in Equinix data centers, customers get closer to advance performance with the benefits of cloud aggregation, and also manage real-time enterprise-class traffic breakthroughs.

“Applications and artificial intelligence are advancing, whether we’re ready or not,” he said Farouk Muzafar, COO, Exium. “As businesses embrace digital transformation, automation and edge intelligence, it’s crucial to have a partner like Equinix. The 5G and Edge Technology Development Center has been an incredible resource for us and our customers as we incubate, develop and deploy a protective edge. AI services with 5G access. “

The Study of the global technological trends of Equinix 2020-21– which surveys 2,600 IT decision-makers – reveals a crucial need for research into infrastructure technologies in this area. While most respondents agree that the biggest impact of 5G is the ability it gives businesses to take advantage of new technologies, more than a third are concerned about the need to restructure infrastructure to take advantage of 5G’s capabilities.

“As companies develop new 5G technologies and services, they need a real environment to test and implement their concepts,” said Justin Dustzade, CTO, Equinix. “With Equinix’s rich ecosystem of service providers, partners and clouds, the 5G and Edge Technology Development Center is the ideal place to fully test their concepts in a real way, enabling them to bring new market opportunities, accelerate adoption and deliver new sources of revenue. faster. “

Jim Poole, Vice President of Business Development, Equinix added: “We are pleased to invite private companies, trade organizations and researchers from various industries to Dallas to test, validate and accelerate complex 5G deployments and interoperability scenarios. “

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