Extending software-defined microwave (SDM) communications and space by direct data sampling in Ka-band

CHELMSFORD, England – It is widely acknowledged that software defined microwave oven (SDM) overhead interfaces have huge potential. Electronic design reports. Continue reading the original article

Military and space electronics take:

March 3, 2021 – Through this technology it will be possible to revolutionize many different aspects of communications arena, making major transformations in the infrastructure it relies on.

In particular, it will certainly be of great benefit in space sector. This is because it will be possible to finally alleviate the very disappointing discrepancy between the cycle and time in the pace of progress in ground and space hardware development.

Instead of having to use rigid, overly hardware-oriented solutions that can quickly become obsolete, it will be possible to reconfigure space assets while in orbit. As a result, they will be able to handle different workloads or provide different services, depending on where they are at all times.

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John Keller, editor
Military and space electronics