Indian mega-corp Tata unveils surprise 5G networking business • The Register

Indian mega-conglomerate Tata Group has revealed that it has created a 5G business with network kits.

On Monday, the company announced that it had built “Based on O-RAN radio and NSA / SA Core and fully integrated a local telecom stack.”

The Indian mobile operator Airtel, which boasts more than 340 million subscribers, will make Tata offer part of its 5G distribution, starting with a pilot project in early 2022.

Tata manages 30 different companies spanning industries, including tourism, steel, chemicals and in a role probably better known The register readers, IT services with its Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) operation.

TCS will implement the kit, which according to Tata will not burden the capabilities of the services, as much of the 5G core is software-defined.

Tata said that once Airtel proves its 5G kit in operation, export opportunities will follow. Therefore, Tata will compete with Nokia, Samsung, Ericsson and Huawei for 5G deals worldwide.

Another competitor could be the rival of the Indian industrial conglomerate Reliance Jio, which also has it. created 5G stack.

The competition between Gio and Tata may be hot on other fronts, as Indian media reported that Tata will seek billions of funds for an application that will offer a wide range of products for shopping, transportation and financial services. Jio already offers many of these services through the MyJio app.

So-called “super applications” are becoming more common in Asia, with Singapore’s Grab and Korea’s Line adding more services to their offerings. Injection Gojek and Tokopedia recently merged to ensure that their combined applications have the latitude to stay up to date. ®