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Logic-X launches industry’s first 4-in-4 output, 16-bit high-speed ADC / DAC FMC with LVDS digital interfaces

Alphen a / d Rijn, The Netherlands-September 7, 2021 Logic-X, developer and supplier of adaptive computing acceleration platforms and sensor processing modules, launches the industry’s first 4-in-4 analog-to-digital (and vice versa) ) FPGA conversion Mezzanine card (FMC) with low voltage interfaces with differential signaling (LVDS).

Called LXD31K4, it is ideal for edge processing, high-speed data collection and playback, software-defined radio (SDR) and other applications requiring wideband conversion between analog and digital domains. The card can be included as in an embedded system or used during the development and prototyping of a mixed signal SoC or ASIC. It is also equipped with a reference design to help engineers accelerate their development programs.

Using Logic-X’s LVDS for data interfaces in the LXD31K4 means that users can easily integrate the card with the FPGA without having to purchase and install JESD204B-compatible interface cores for converters and receivers. This approach shortens system development / prototyping time and reduces risk throughout the overall project.

The LXD31K4 provides four A / D channels, each with a data conversion rate of up to 310 megapixels per second (Msps), and four D / A channels, each with a raw conversion rate of up to 310Msps, which (with up to 4x interpolation – user-defined) ) can generate a signal with an update rate of up to 1.24GHz.

All eight channels have 16-bit accuracy and provide best-in-class signal-to-noise (SNR) performance. Also, the board comes with a DC or AC connected front end, which determines the frequency band that the input channel can receive, as well as the frequency band that the card can generate on the output channel.

“With the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, there is a growing need for high-bandwidth processing,” said Eric Barhorst, Managing Director of Logic-X. “Furthermore, in most cases, multiple input and multiple output channels are needed on the edge, and we have launched the LXD31K4 in direct response to market demand.”

Barhorst, who is also the chief architect of the LXD31K4, goes on to say that the new map is very much designed with engineers in mind. For example, the LVDS pin output is configured to work with most “partial implementations” of connectors with a large number of pins on Xilinx development boards as well as Logic-X FPGA FMC media.

Version 2 in 2 of the latest Logic-X FMC is also available. Called LXD31K2, it also boasts 16-bit resolution, uses LVDS and can be ordered with DC or AC front end. Other options for both LXD31K4 and LXD31K2 are the temperature range (0 to 85OhC standard or -40 to 85OhC industrial) and uncoated or coated (conformal coated MIL-I-46058-C).

The reference design supplied with the LXD31K4 (and LXD31K2) includes a project to integrate Vivado IP and IP cores that can be managed from a software application via Ethernet or PCI Express (PCIe) plus detailed documentation.

LXD31K4 and LXD31K2 are both samples now with the volume available for Q4 2021.

About Logic-X

Founded in 2018 and based in Europe, Logic-X develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of high-performance adaptive computing acceleration platforms (ACAP) and sensor processing modules designed to meet the challenges of complex embedded and finishing requirements. .

Using its extensive programmable experience in logic and data conversion, Logic-X provides customers with access to the latest FPGA, MPSOC, ACAP and sensor processing technologies in both commercial modules (COTS) and customer-specific (MCOTS) modules, which facilitates their easy integration into system design.

Logic-X products allow customers to focus clearly on their end applications instead of taking the time to develop custom processing platforms, thus significantly improving marketing time and reducing overall risk. For more information on Logic-X and its products, please visit