Jio aims for global telcos with 5G solutions

Billionaire Mukesh Ambani is seeking to sell affordable 5G software solutions to global telecommunications service providers. A dedicated team at Jio Plaforms Ltd (JPL) has developed a next-generation 5G stack to make 5G affordable and accessible everywhere. Jio and California-based Qualcomm, along with JPL’s wholly owned subsidiary Radisys Corporation, have developed an open and interoperable 5G architecture-based solution based on a virtualized radio network (vRAN) architecture, a way for telecom operators to perform functions. on the main bar as software.

At the last annual general meeting of Reliance Industries, Ambani spoke about the transformation of India into a global hub for 5G development and export. “Once Jio’s 5G solution is proven across India, we are excited to export Jio 5G solutions to telecom operators around the world,” Ambani said. Sources say that testing of software solutions is advancing and the possibility of selling them to other telecommunications companies is inevitable as 5G migration becomes faster in developed countries.

Jio has partnered with global technology leaders to develop a 5G solution based on an open and interoperable architecture to accelerate the development and deployment of local 5G network infrastructure and services in India, the company’s annual report said. “This technology marks Jio’s entry into Gigabit 5G’s product portfolio and provides subscribers with faster data at lower costs,” he added.

JPL and Qualcomm are collaborating to locally produce critical equipment for the 5G ecosystem in India. They recently tested 5G solutions in India, reaching a stage of 1 gigabyte per second (GBPS) for the Jio 5G solution, which includes a core network and smartphones. Qualcomm builds semiconductors, software and services related to wireless technology and holds patents critical to 5G, 4G and CDMA2000. Work continues on standardizing the configurations of 5G devices through collaboration with OEMs.

In collaboration with Google as a strategic partner and investor, JPL is also developing an affordable smartphone at an affordable level with an optimized operating system. Gio was chosen as the winner in the “5G Innovation” category at the Aegis Graham Bell Awards.

Ambani told AGM that Jio’s engineers have developed a 100% home and complete 5G solution that is fully cloud-based, software-defined and digitally managed. “Together with our partners, we tested Jio 5G solutions in India and successfully demonstrated speeds in excess of 1GBPS.” “We have recently received the necessary regulatory approvals, as well as a trial spectrum to start 5G field trials,” he said.

JIo has already installed a stand-alone 5G network in its data centers across the country and on its test sites in Navi Mumbai.