Kratos Delivers First Order to Northrop Grumman for U.S. Army’s TITAN Prototype Program – SatNews

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq: KTOS) successfully delivered the first set of products in support of US Army Tactical Intelligence Access Point (TITAN) a prototype of a space system on earth that is being developed by Northrop Gruman.

Photo courtesy of USArmy.

The aim of the TITAN system will be to provide data in almost real time to commanders at all levels for timely targeting decisions. Northrop Grumman was chosen by Department of Defense Innovation and Tactical Exploitation of US Army National Capabilities (TENCAP) prototype development office TITAN earthing space systems.

As part of that effort, Kratos Open space quantum and SpectralNet the products will provide virtualized processing down for the TITAN space earth prototypes. Kratos was elected for Northrop Grumman TITAN team due to the ability of OpenSpace products to virtualize up / down link processing while meeting space, weight and power (SWAP) requirements. Kratos products will allow demodulation of downlink connections from multiple commercial satellite systems.

quantum products are replacements for software for traditional hardware components, such as modems that run at a lower cost and are more scalable to adapt more quickly to changing missions and conditions. For example, when deploying traditional ground systems hardware can take weeks, quantum products can be deployed and configured to support various missions in just hours.

Kratos’ OpenSpace platform, the most advanced line in the OpenSpace family, can go even further, allowing satellite operators to deploy, configure and adapt entire networks in just a few minutes using its orchestrated software defined network (SDN) architecture. OpenSpace SpectralNet products digitize satellites Radio frequency (RF) signals acting as a ramp for the digital transformation of terrestrial systems.

In addition, Kratos will provide engineering and production of the modified tactical shelter and related subsystem hardware for TITAN prototypes. The Kratos ground station platform, installed by FMTV, will store and protect mission-critical components of the TITAN system. One of the main strengths of Kratos is the provision of customized mobile platforms that have power and heat management systems, integration of C5ISR equipment in standby and Electromagnetic interference (EMI) screen to Electromagnetic pulse at high altitude (HEMP) level requirements.

OpenSpace technology is a leader in the satellite industry, both among commercial and government operators, to take advantage of the ability of virtualization and modern network techniques to achieve the goals of digital transformation,” said Frank Bekes, Senior Vice President of the Federal Space Solutions of Kratos. “TITAN is the latest OpenSpace application in DoD that can better support timely tactical needsof the fighters. “