L3Harris Unveils XL Extreme™ 400 P25 Radio


  • Designed and built to withstand extreme temperatures and environments
  • Loud and clear sound with industry-leading noise reduction
  • Includes many convenience features such as large buttons and buttons for working in gloves and a unique visual indication of the area

ROCHESTER, NY – L3Harris Technologies (NYSE: LHX) has expanded its popular XL Project 25 (P25) family of radios to include the new XL Extreme ™ 400, the first and only handheld radio designed to the latest National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards. .

The XL-Extreme is designed to meet the strictest standards ever subjected to portable radios for use by emergency services. The requirements of the NFPA 1802 standard, published in January 2021, include extreme temperatures – a flame of 1700 degrees for 10 seconds while in full operation; a drop of 3 meters on concrete; and repeated heat of 350 degrees, followed by immersion in 2 meters of water. The combination of intense heat, shock and extreme environmental conditions aims to simulate the rigor to which fire radios can be subjected and expected to operate.

The XL-Extreme is the first and only radio to be designed with the NFPA 1802 standard in mind, including heat-resistant thermal materials, a reinforced seal design and unique thermal speed displays and speakers. The radio has a new keyboard, convenient for gloves, buttons, a large emergency button and an ambient temperature sensor. L3Harris’ unique visual zone detection indication provides quick visual confirmation that all users are in the same group or channel. XL-Extreme delivers loud, clear sound with industry-leading noise reduction, works over AT & T® or Verizon® networks, and includes Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® integration.

“We listened to our customers and produced a radio that was designed to meet and, in many cases, even exceed NFPA standards,” said Nino Dikosmo, president, Public Safety and Professional Communications, L3Harris. “Using the experience of our business in the field of space and airborne systems in the field of heat-resistant engineering technologies for satellites and eavesdropping on the software-defined experience in our business for military tactical radios, we built an extreme radio that is designed and built to surpass everything available on the market today. ”

L3Harris’ Public Security and Professional Communications is a leading provider of communications systems and equipment for the public, federal, utilities, commercial and transportation markets. The business has more than 80 years of experience in public safety and professional communications and supports over 500 systems worldwide.

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