LG Uplus, Nokia pave path for 5G-powered digital services in South Korea

South Korean mobile operator LG Uplus will expand its 5G coverage by installing NokiaAirScale equipment nationwide to ensure seamless indoor and outdoor connectivity.

The deal is expected to respond to future network expansion and will further deepen the partnership between the two companies, which have already collaborated on LTE, 5G and digital projects.

In fact, this latest partnership between the two companies further reinforces their intention to enable South Korean companies to use 5G to provide new smart digital services and to further develop Industry 4.0 across the country.

“Nokia’s AirScale system will help ensure seamless 5G connectivity indoors and in environments. Its cost-effective, flexible and compact design allow us to improve our 5G offering, ”said DaeHee Kim, Senior Vice President and Head of Network Infra Technology Group at LG Uplus.

As the first of its kind in South Korea, Nokia will install its cost-effective, next-generation small AirScale Indoor (ASiR) cellular systems in a number of interiors, including shopping malls and office buildings. Comprised of Nokia’s digital baseband module and the ASiR-pRRH (pico Remote Radio Head) solution, the system features multi-operator and multi-band support and will allow the LG Uplus to provide 5G connectivity.

The compact and flexible nature of the internal ASiR system means that it can be deployed quickly in strategic locations when additional capacity is required and is ideal for both consumers and corporate customers. ASiR makes it easy to upgrade the service to 5G New Radio with minimal on-site operation if needed, and features a web-based manager that allows remote configuration without the need for a separate application – making it an ideal replacement for a traditional, complex and expensive distributed antenna. system systems (DAS) – with flexibility further enhanced by a combination of cells and division.

“We are pleased to have been selected by LG Uplus to provide an infrastructure that will be critical to a seamless 5G experience. After working with LG Uplus on a number of other recent projects, we believe that the AirScale system is the right Tommi Uitto, president – mobile networks at Nokia.

Activation of intelligent digital services with 5G

The latest equipment deal between the two companies is the result of another agreement announced last month that Nokia will launch a 5G Business-to-Business (B2B) digital platform for the LG Uplus.

Once implemented, the platform will allow LG Uplus to reduce the time it takes to launch 5G-powered services for its corporate and business vertical customers. The platform will also allow LG Uplus to address new business segments, including Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory.

Once implemented, the solution will encourage the use of 5G by businesses and verticals to grow their business, in line with the South Korean government’s Digital New Deal initiative.

The 5G B2B digital platform concept proof test will be completed in two phases, starting in February. While the first phase includes a demonstration at the Nokia Lab, the second phase with a field test is planned at the LG Uplus Regional Operations Center in KyungNam.

“We are committed to providing best-in-class and innovative services to our customers, and this test is a crucial step in that direction. Once implemented, Nokia’s 5G B2B digital platform will help us expand our corporate business by enabling us to provide new use Nokia is our trusted partner and we look forward to working with them on this important process, ”said Jaeyong Seo, vice president of smart infrastructure business infrastructure at LG Uplus.

Nokia’s 5G B2B digital platform is based on multi-domain technology and provides full automation and near real-time service delivery. The solution includes a service platform powered by Nokia’s digital operations software, Cloud Operations Manager, network exposure feature, registers, Cloud Packet Core, software-defined network and gNB (5G version of eNodeB), in Nokia’s cloud platform.

LG Uplus will use the cost-effective automation platform to design and deploy 5G network slices to provide new services. In addition, LG Uplus’ corporate customers will be able to take advantage of 5G capabilities to improve their business and operational efficiencies, leading to overall economic gain.

The service will give LG Uplus customers the flexibility to control and manage the platform directly to meet their needs. In addition, it will help LG Uplus offer newer uses such as smart factory and smart port with 5G wireless connectivity and related services such as networking.

We are excited to make this breakthrough for LG Uplus to enable our corporate customers to improve their business processes with 5G, ”said Kevin Ann, Head of Korea, at Nokia. “Nokia’s 5G B2B digital platform will allow LG Uplus to transform the creation of B2B services with flexibility and automation and delight its corporate customers with new uses and performance.”