Many New/Updated Benchmarks For March With New SDR/Radio Tests, More Code Compilation


This month I saw a lot of new and updated test profiles for Phoronix Test Suite and to perform a fully automated, reproducible comparison of different platforms.

By the end of March, there were 646 unique test accounts (software packages available for testing) through the Phoronix Test Suite with 2,191 revisions of those test accounts. There are 179 different test kits available as test collections. For anyone who is crazy enough to want to run each test and option of these 646 unique test profiles, the average execution time is now over 35 days … Fortunately, most users are only interested in the number of tests / packages relevant to their specific load (s).

New tests added to Phoronix Test Suite / this month include:

openscad – The staged CAD benchmark of OpenSCAD can now be launched via the Phoronix Test Suite.

gnuradio – GNU Radio’s software-defined radio tool can now be compared using the Phoronix Test Suite.

luaradio – Lua Radio’s software-defined radio system, written in Lua, can also be compared.

srsLTE – The radio for implementing LTS open source software srsLTE is another SDR benchmark added this month for modern processors.

liquid-dsp – Completing the SDR radios added this month, the Liquid-DSP digital signal processing library has been added.

f12020 – F1 2020 is the latest F1 title, adapted now to work well for benchmarking under Steam Play / Proton on Linux.

build-mesa – Along with many other existing time code compilation tests, a basic Mesa compilation test has been added.

build-nodejs – Similarly, compiling during Node.js is another added build test.

build-wasmer – To increase the coverage of the Rust language is also a compilation test of the implementation of Wasmer WebAssembly.

build-erlang – Erlang / OTP time compilation for PTS reader and user requests.

Updated tests included:

aom-av1 – Upgrade to the new AOMedia AV1 3.0 video encoder upstream of the previous 2.x series.

build-linux-kernel – The popular time trial for compiling the Linux kernel, based on tracking Linux 5.4 LTS to Linux 5.10 LTS.

compression-zstd – Upgrade to the new Zstd 1.4.9 and improvements in its performance.

oneDNN – The latest version of the upstream Intel oneDNN deep learning library.

many – The latest up the mobile neural network (MNN).

basis – The new 1.13 base with texture compression rate improvements.

botan – Update against the latest version for this crypto library C ++.

viennacl – Update to the latest version for ViennaCL benchmarks.

svt-vp9 – The latest upstream stream for Intel’s SVT-VP9 video encoder.

svt-hevc – The latest upstream stream for Intel’s SVT-HEVC video encoder.

Other updates have been made for dirt-rally2,, gmpbench for GNU GMP, fish,, incompact3d,, sysbench,, jpegxl,, astcenc,, simdjson,, qmlbench,, nwchem,, delegation, and more.

I stop by to see all the tests as well as for reference / composite data and many benchmark results in the community.