Metanoia and NXP Collaborate to Deliver a Complete 5G NR Sub-6GHz Platform

HSINCHU, October 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Metanoia Communications (“Metanoia”) today announced its collaboration with NXP® Semiconductors to develop a new demonstration / development platform for the 5G NR Sub-6GHz (reference platform), which combines innovative technologies from both companies.

The new reference platform uses NXP’s high-performance Layerscape® family of multi-core processors and 5G NR programmable core frequency processors and Metanoia’s recently announced 5G NR Sub-6Ghz RF IC (MT3812). The reference platform will facilitate and significantly reduce the customer design cycle when building a 5G Sub-6GHz solution targeting all 5G market segments – from a single FWA CPE to 5G remote low or high density (RRU) radio units and to highly integrated small cells.

Aimed at high volume, very popular midband (3.3 GHz – 4.2 GHz (n77), the full 5G NR reference platform allows the development of software-defined radio (SDR) solutions with support for i) L1 PHY implementations, ii) wide DPD / CFR performance range, (iii) network synchronization, analysis and quality of service (QoS) unloading, (iv) unloading for eCPRI C / U and S-Plane, including virtualized and containerized L2 applications. The evaluation of the lower and higher frequency bands supported by the Metanoia MT3812 will also be possible by bypassing suitable RF front components, such as a power amplifier and a low-noise amplifier on the reference platform.

“The collaboration between NXP and Metanoia demonstrates the advanced capabilities of the Layerscape Access programmable solution platform and underscores our commitment to continuing our ecosystem-based strategy for faster and more timely marketing solutions,” he said. Tarek Bustami, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Network Edge at NXP Semiconductors. “NXP offers a comprehensive portfolio of 5G NR solutions that, with the help of our partners, accelerate the development and deployment of 5G infrastructure networks around the world.”

“Partnering with NXP to offer our customers a highly optimized development platform that includes our MT3812 RF IC and demonstrating that our chips put together can meet 3GPP and ORAN requirements is critical for our customers. “, He commented Didier Boaven, Executive Vice President of Metanoia. “The desire to build a high level of trust in our technologies is what made NXP and Metanoia work together on this combined reference platform.”

Metanoia’s MT3812 is a cost-effective Sub 6Ghz TDD 2×2 RF transceiver with a small 9×9 mm QFN68 fingerprint that supports 200 MHz bandwidth in transmit and receive modes and 400 MHz in DPD mode. This is a highly integrated multi-band programmable and self-calibrated product supporting three of the most popular bands: 2.5 GHz – 3.0 GHz (n90), 3.3 GHz – 4.2 GHz (n77) and 4.2 GHz – 5 .0 GHz (n79). The MT3812 is designed to interact with any I / Q chip with a baseband and includes distinctive features such as high dynamic range of its low noise and high linearity reception circuits and the low noise level of its transmission circuits.

From antenna to processor, NXP offers a robust portfolio of technologies to accelerate 5G deployment, providing the best performance and security for infrastructure, industrial and automotive applications. These include the company’s family of Airfast RF power solutions, the Layerscape Access LA1200 family of software-defined base processors for mmWave and below 6GHz integrated small cells, DU, RU and CPE, and its Layerscape family of multi-core wireless data processors for fixed wireless access. and small cellular devices. To learn more, visit

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