Network operators deploy over 100,000 Cambium network CBRS fixed wireless broadband devices

Rolling Meadows, disease.,, July 27, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Cambium network (NASDAQ: CMBM), The world ‘s leading provider of wireless networking solutions, today announced that it has deployed more than 100,000. Fixed point-to-multipoint (PMP) fixed wireless solution, Use the broadband radio service of citizens (CBRS) bandwidth NS United States of America This region for 18 months after the FCC made the spectrum available. NS PMP 450 meters System, functions cnMedusa ™ Great MU-MIMO technologyAllows service providers to rapidly expand their networks using the CBRS bandwidth to provide broadband services to businesses and homes.

“Software-controlled radio from Cambium Networks, including PMP 450 meters The CBRS lived up to expectations. ” Vambiling Three, Founder, ESC wireless NS North Carolina.. „62PMP introduced 450 meters Access points and 300 CPUs – this is just the beginning. PMP 450 meters Beat everything else on the market. It will cover the entire system, growing in two countries, including about seven counties. “

In response to the high demand for connectivity, in 2019 the FCC took unprecedented action to increase spectrum availability by opening the 150MHz spectrum in the 3.5GHz band and allowing operators to move from Part 90 rules to Part 96 rules. is managed on the basis of. The frequency band varies from 3550 to 3700 MHz, and the 80 MHz band is reserved for Shared Authorized Access (GAA). GAA is unlicensed and may be used. However, only if the radio is connected to the Spectrum Access System (SAS) via a frequency coordinator using Priority Access Licenses (PALs). The CBRS band offers 13 times more power and lower frequencies than existing solutions that use the 5 GHz band.

Broadband provider Texas When Okurahoma It currently holds 24,000 licenses (25%) from Cambium Networks’ CBRS devices. “The speed of light broadband appreciates the new freedom that Cambium Networks’ CBRS has given us to stay competitive in the industry,” he said. Brian Neumann, Director of Network Operations Light speed broadband access NS Texas..

“Many operators have completed the transition from FCC Part 90 to Part 96 rules and are taking advantage of a wider range to avoid congestion,” he said. Matt Mangliotis, Senior Director of Product Management at Cambium Networks. “Currently, carriers continue to add devices as the spectrum is available, increasing their ability to expand their networks to reach new households. The Internet provides access to residential and corporate businesses. In addition to service providers, there are local authorities, oil and gas network operators, railways and other industries that use the CBRS spectrum to meet the needs of wireless networks. Also, using the CBRS bandwidth. We welcome operators who are implementing Cambium Networks equipment for the first time. “

“Cambium Networks works closely with network operators and service providers around the world to improve the productivity and operational efficiency of our solutions,” he said. Scott Imhoff, Senior Vice President of Product Management and Planning at Cambium Networks. “In this case, the software-defined radio can be upgraded on site to add CBRS frequency support, allowing operators to quickly increase broadband speeds without having to send them to replace field equipment. cn Maestro control system ™ This facilitates the central deployment, management and effective monitoring of an integrated network.

Cambium Networks’ complete portfolio of wireless fabric solutions Global network of partners..

Cambium Networks celebrates its decade of excellence in 2021 and has released more than 10 million radio stations worldwide since its launch in 2011.

For Cambium Networks
The Cambium network Provides wireless connectivity to millions of people around the world. Its products are used by commercial and government network operators and broadband providers to connect people, places and things. Cambium centrally manages a single network architecture through fixed wireless and Wi-Fi through the cloud, allowing operators to achieve maximum performance with minimum spectrum and low overhead costs. Cambium strengthens the growing ecosystem of partners who design and deliver workable multi-gigabit wireless solutions.

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