NI Unlocks the Power of Test Data and Software at NI Connect | 2021-07-27 | Press Releases

NI Reveals Product Advances in Software-Related Systems That Fill Product Lifecycle Innovation

NI (NASDAQ: NATI) today announced its latest product enhancements designed to fuel innovation throughout the manufacturing process, from testing and validation to R&D and design. NI introduced these product enhancements to NI Connect, a virtual experience dedicated to exploring how testing and data analysis will shape the world’s latest innovations and CloseCurlyQuote; and will provide engineers with the information they need for the next major breakthrough.

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The NI software approach creates a more complete enterprise data and insight chain by collecting and linking data that accelerates digital transformation, allowing customers to optimize every step of the product lifecycle (Graphics: Business Wire)

The NI & CloseCurlyQuote software approach creates a more complete corporate data and information chain by collecting and linking data that accelerates the digital transformation, allowing customers to optimize every step of the product lifecycle (Graphics: Business Wire)

Today, the rapid pace of technological progress of CloseCurlyQuote requires increasingly complex products and more efficient product development. Using a software approach, organizations can unlock the value of test data to not only keep pace, but also get there faster, smarter, and with the right information to make informed engineering decisions.

The NI & CloseCurlyQuote software approach creates a more complete chain of corporate data and insight by collecting and linking data that accelerates digital transformation, allowing customers to optimize every step of the product life cycle.

“The digital data thread in each phase of the product lifecycle provides powerful data to improve product performance, & CloseCurlyDoubleQuote; said NI CEO Eric Starkloff. “At NI, our software approach unlocks the power of the test, from early research to the production floor and beyond. We continue to aggressively invest in technology to make this compelling vision a reality. & CloseCurlyDoubleQuote;

As part of NI Connect, NI shared its latest product updates and innovations designed to help engineers and businesses save time, reduce costs, get data information to help them innovate and eventually get out. on the market faster. Advance products include:

  • Rationalized SystemLink ™ Software interface to increase efficiency – By connecting test systems and test data to enterprise results, SystemLink software significantly accelerates each phase of the product life cycle. With a unified view of test operations in the validation of projects and production environments, SystemLink manages and simplifies test planning, resource utilization, health, and system maintenance. & NegativeMediumSpace; The latest software enhancements include new user interface customization options, simplified product navigation, and enhanced asset status monitoring capabilities. The result is faster test tracking, more efficient use of assets, and reduced test cost.
  • New LabVIEW 2021 to improve interoperability withPython and MathWorks MATLAB & circledR; Software – Open source software is becoming increasingly important as systems become more diverse and complex. The NI & CloseCurlyQuote; from 2021 on LabVIEW, the leading software platform for building measurement and measurement systems, features improved interoperability with Python and MathWorks MATLAB & circledR; software, improved version control support using Git and usability improvements. These updates make it easier for engineers to connect different systems and hardware to accelerate innovation, especially in design and validation environments.
  • New PXI Hardware solution for activating software-related workflow into a smaller, cost-effective package – Like open source software, modular hardware is also increasingly important for flexible connectivity to existing systems and workflows. PXI hardware provides openness, software options, modularity and I / O coverage for customers seeking to develop adaptive and scalable systems. NI & CloseCurlyQuote’s first 2-slot PXI chassis provides these benefits in a smaller, more cost-effective package. Modular hardware such as PXI allows a software-related workflow to achieve better results.

NI has also announced new products to enable the fast-moving technology behind ADAS and wireless:

  • NI Collaboration with Seagate & circledR; to provide a first-of-its-kind vehicle data storage and transmission service – The next generation of autonomous vehicles requires more real road data than ever before, which makes efficient data storage extremely important. NI and Seagate Technology Holdings, a world leader in storage infrastructure solutions, have announced new collaborations to improve storage services, including a first-of-its-kind offering records for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This in-vehicle data storage as a service (STaaS) is powered by Seagate’s Lygate Mobile Data Storage and Transfer Service, enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers to upgrade their storage strategy from self-managed to STaaS, resulting in reduced costs and efficient storage.
  • NI Ettus USRP X410 Software-defined radio platform to accelerate wireless innovation – The next generation of wireless technologies, 5G and 6G, are ready to transform the way people and systems connect, making trial data more important. As wireless technologies become more sophisticated, sophisticated tools are needed to support research and prototyping. The new NI Ettus USRP X410 Software-defined radio platform is high-performance and fully open source, allowing engineers to achieve faster time to prototype and accelerate wireless innovations

To learn more about the latest trends in test and data analysis and to hear more about the latest product improvements from NI, attend or watch NI Connect on demand.

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At NI, we bring people, ideas and technology together so that thinkers and creative solvers can take on the greatest challenges facing humanity and CloseCurlyQuote; From data and automation to research and validation, we offer customized software-related systems engineers and businesses that need to engineer Ambitiously ™ every day.

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