Official: Bodies of three Paraguayans found in Florida condo

ASUNCION, Paraguay (AP) – Paraguay’s foreign minister said Thursday that rescuers found the bodies of Sofia Lopez Moreira, the sister of Paraguay’s first lady Silvana Abdo, her husband Luis Pettengil and the youngest in the ruins of a collapsed Florida condominium. their three children.

Foreign Minister Euclid Acevedo told Paraguayan radio station ABC Cardinal that the other two children and the family’s nanny, Lady Luna, were still unknown.

“We ask people for their solidarity and prayer,” he said. “In the face of tragedy, the Paraguayan people must show their traditional solidarity.”

Juana Villalba, Lady Luna’s mother, is in Miami waiting for news about her daughter. Vilalba travels with his niece Lourdes Luna from their South American country.

Paraguayans were among several Latin American citizens reported in the condominium when it collapsed on June 24. Others in the building are from Argentina, Venezuela and Uruguay.

Rescue workers are now focused on finding the remains instead of survivors.

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