Ondas (ONDS) falls 1.41% in Light Trading on September 2

Shares of Ondas Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ONDS) fell 1.41% or $ 0.1 per share, closing at $ 6.98 on Thursday. After the opening of the day at $ 7.14, shares of Ondas fluctuated between $ 7.14 and $ 6.92. 191,359 shares traded on hand fell from their 30-day average of 422,483. Thursday’s activity brought Ondas’ market capitalization to $ 276,874,864.

About Ondas Holdings Inc.

Ondas Holdings Inc., through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Ondas Networks Inc., is a developer of privately licensed wireless data networks for critical industrial markets. The company designs and manufactures its multi-patented, software-defined radio (SDR) application platform for mission-critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications. Ondas Networks’ end customers include utilities, oil and gas, transportation and government, whose requirements cover a wide range of critical applications that require secure communication in large and diverse geographical areas, many of which are in challenging radio frequency environments. Customers use the Company’s SDR technology to deploy their own privately licensed broadband wireless networks. The company also offers critical entities the ability to manage a network service. Ondas Networks’ SDR technology supports IEEE 802.16s, the new global standard for privately licensed industrial networks in a wide range.

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About the Nasdaq stock market

The Nasdaq stock market is a world leader in data and service trading, as well as in stock and option lists. Nasdaq is the world’s leading stock options market and is home to the five largest US companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.

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