Ondas (ONDS) falls 2.45% in Light Trading on October 13

Ondas Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: ONDS) fell to $ 9.56 on Wednesday after losing $ 0.24 (2.45%) on 641,481 shares. Shares ranged from a high of $ 9.85 to a low of $ 9.21, while Ondas now has a market capitalization of $ 388,209,832.

Regarding Ondas Holdings Inc

Ondas Holdings Inc., through its wholly owned subsidiary Ondas Networks Inc., is a developer of privately licensed wireless data networks for critical industrial markets. The company designs and manufactures its multi-patented, software-defined radio (SDR) platform for mission-critical IoT (MC-IoT) applications. Ondas Networks’ end customers include utilities, oil and gas, transportation and government organizations, whose requirements cover a wide range of critical applications that require secure communications in large and diverse geographical areas, many of which are in challenging radio frequency environments. Customers use the company’s SDR technology to deploy their own privately licensed broadband wireless networks. The company also offers mission-critical sites the option of a managed network service. Ondas Networks’ SDR technology supports IEEE 802.16s, the new global standard for privately licensed large-scale industrial networks.

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The daily repair

BlackRock beats third-quarter earnings forecasts, but asset growth slows

BlackRock Inc exceeded third-quarter earnings forecasts, aided by stable efficiency charges and strong demand for actively managed and sustainable funds, even as volatile markets prevented the world’s largest money manager from increasing its assets under management.

Asset managers have benefited from growing global financial markets in recent quarters as investors invest in work, making the most of a post-pandemic economic recovery driven by vaccination advances and strong fiscal and monetary assistance.


JPMorgan misses third-quarter revenue, exceeds earnings forecast with one-off items

JPMorgan Chase reported a 24% jump in earnings for the third quarter on Wednesday, largely driven by one-off positions that improved results as the bank struggled to increase its interest rates at near-zero levels.

The country’s largest bank by assets said it earned $ 11.69 billion, or $ 3.74 per share, compared to earnings of $ 9.44 billion, or $ 2.92 per share, over the same period last year. earlier. The bank had two one-off items that helped boost its profits this quarter: a $ 566 million income tax relief and a $ 2.1 billion exemption from troubled credit books, something JPMorgan has been doing every three months since the US economy began to recover from the pandemic.


Emerson Electric will merge the industrial software business with Aspen Technology

Industrial software manufacturer Emerson Electric Co (NYSE: EMR) will merge two of its businesses with a smaller competitor, Aspen Technology Inc (Nasdaq: AZPN), in a deal worth $ 11 billion.

The money and stock deal announced Monday’s value of AspenTech at about $ 160 a share, a 27% premium from its closing on Oct. 6, before Bloomberg News first announced talks between the two companies.


About the Nasdaq stock market

The Nasdaq stock market is a world leader in data and service trading, as well as in the listing of stocks and options. Nasdaq is the world’s leading stock exchange for options and is home to the five largest US companies – Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet and Facebook.

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