Radio Laser 98 FM

Radio Laser 98 FM

Radio Laser 98 FM broadcasts a variety of adult Contemporary music, with a focus on popular hits from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s.

Radio Laser 98 FM is a non-profit, 24/7 emergency radio station broadcasting music, news and information to the community. Radio laser 98 provides a link between people and their communities in times of crisis.

Radio Laser 98 FM broadcasts a mix of rock and alternative music, bringing the best of American popular culture to their listeners throughout the US. The station is available online as well as over the air, making it accessible to everyone in the area.

Radio Laser 98 FM Radio Stations

Radio Lasers 98 FM is a non-profit Christian FM radio station, licensed to serve the community of Fort Collins, Colorado. Radio Lasers 98 FM broadcasts a variety of religious programming as well as music and news 24 hours a day.

As one of the oldest and largest Christian radio stations in Colorado, Radio Lasers 98 FM has a long history of serving the needs of its listeners. The station originally began broadcasting in 1978 as KLFI-FM, broadcasting on 95.3 MHz on Longmont’s East Side. In 1984, KLFI moved to its present broadcast frequency: 98.1 MHz in Fort Collins.

Radio Lasers 98 FM serves not only the Christians in Fort Collins and eastern Boulder County, but people from all over eastern Colorado and even parts of Wyoming and Nebraska. The station covers a territory that includes 25 towns, with an average population of nearly 50,000 people per town.

Almost every town or city in America has at least one radio station playing information, music, news and sports. With the ever-growing popularity of iPod and MP3 players, it’s no wonder that FM radio is seeing a resurgence in popularity. Considering the number of radio stations available nationwide, picking the right radio station can be daunting.

Choosing the right radio station can be a matter of personal preference. What type of music do you enjoy? What type of information would you like to hear? Do you prefer news, talk or sports? Once you have determined your interests, it’s time to start searching for the best FM radio stations around.

There are many different types of FM stations: pop, oldies, country, holiday, Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR), etc. You’ll want to make sure that you’re listening to the type of music that you enjoy as well as the type of information that you’re interested in.

One great way to scan through all of the available FM frequencies is with an FM frequency scanner like the Kenwood DNX-520DV. This device is easy to use and will give you a list of all of the active FM frequencies in your area so that you can

List of 98 FM Radio Stations

  1. .3 FM – KSFT – Lawrence, KS
  2. 8.7 FM – WHBQ-LP – Memphis, TN
  3. 9.9 FM – WAVE-FM – Louisville, KY
  4. 00.3 FM – WBGO-FM – Newark, NJ
  5. 00.7 FM – WTXX-FM – Augusta, GA
  6. 01.1 FM – WSOC-AM – Charlotte, NC
  7. 01.9 FM – KISS-FM – Springfield, MO
  8. 02.3 FM – WIOQ – Winnetka, IL
  9. 02.9 FM – WBBM– Chicago, IL
  10. 03.7 FM – WCBS-AM – New York City, NY
  11. 04.1 FM – KBME– Lincoln, NE
  12. 04.5 FM – WBEN– Buffalo, NY
  13. 05.3 FM – WKLS– Memphis, TN
  14. 06.7 MHz – WXPN– Philadelphia, PA
  15. 07.1 MHz – WDCH– Atlanta, GA
  16. 07.5 MHz – WMEL– Watertown, MA ..More

Radio Laser 98 FM Presenters

Radio Laser 98 FM is a radio station in the Philippines providing trance and nu-disco music. It is owned and operated by the Multimedia Broadcasting Corporation.

The station’s studios are located at 9th Floor, Rifma Building, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig while its transmitter is located at Maysilo, Quezon City. The station airs 24/7 with a combination of modern dance, electro house and eurodance tracks.

Its DJs include: Bea Alonzo (weekdays 7pm to 10pm), Justin Caguiat (weekdays 2pm to 4pm), Sunny Djunao (weekdays 8pm to 10pm), Drew Dolando (Saturdays 9am to 12noon) and Sam Miguel (Sundays 11am to 1:00pm).

Radio Laser 98 FM is widely known as the music station for young adults. It airs a mix of pop, rock, and dance music. The presenters are known for their upbeat and entertaining styles.

DJ Jasmine is the current presenter of Radio Laser 98 FM. She has over 15 years of experience in the radio industry, most notably as the night shift DJ at Melbourne’s Triple J-FM. Jasmine’s contagious energy and love of music make her one of the station’s most popular presenters.

DJ Kombo is another popular presenter on Radio Laser 98 FM. He has been working in radio since 2003 and has presented shows at stations around Australia. His fun, enthusiastic style makes him a fan favorite with listeners of all ages.

Kris Taylor is the final presenter on Radio Laser 98 FM. She has worked in radio for over 10 years and has experience presenting shows both on air and online. Kris’ laid back style makes her a perfectfit for Radio Laser 98 FM’s casual atmosphere.

  1. FM is a radio station in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It is licensed to serve the Chiang Mai metropolitan area and is operated by AM10 network.
  2. It airs a contemporary music format.

    The station was established on 30 January 2009 as the FM counterpart of 98.3 FM, which had been airing a classic rock format since its establishment in 1988. The name for the station was changed to Radio Laser 98 FM on 6 June 2009 to reflect its modernized music format.

    In late 2014, Radio Laser 98 FM began airing an Asian pop format branded as "98 Hits" due to competition from other contemporary pop stations in the market such as Kiss FM, Star FM and Energy 106 FM. In November 2015, the Asian pop format was replaced with a mainstream Top 40 music format branded as "Mix 98".

    Radio Laser 98 FM Advertising

    Radio Laser 98 FM Advertising, commonly known as "Radio 98", is a radio station in the Philippines owned and operated by GMA Network. The complaints about Radio 98’s activities are always the same: too loud, too jarring, and always in your face. How can a radio station be so bad for your ears?

    The songs on Radio 98 are usually ridiculously loud, almost to the point where it feels like you’re being assaulted by the music. This is partly due to their use of electronic drums and megaphones to create an overwhelming sound. It’s also worth noting that they play tracks constantly throughout the day, regardless of whether or not people are actually listening to the station.

    These days, with streaming services available, why would someone want to listen to Radio 98 when they could just as easily listen to music on their phone or laptop? By using electronic drums and megaphones, Radio 98 creates an extremely loud environment that is difficult for even adults to tolerate for more than a few minutes at a time. In fact, some listeners have even developed ear damage as a result of listening to the station.

    If you’re looking for a radio station that’s going to give your ears a break, look elsewhere.

    Radio Laser 98 FM Advertising

    Today, with advancements in technology, there are a plethora of media outlets that advertisers can use to reach their consumers. One medium that is seeing increased popularity is radio. Radio advertising allows businesses to reach a large audience quickly and cheaply, while still maintaining control over the message their target consumers receive.

    Despite its low price point and broad reach, radio advertising can be an effective way to market your products or services to a particular demographic. Radio stations are known for broadcasting specific songs and genres, making it easier for businesses to target their ads towards listeners who may be interested in what you have to offer. Additionally, radio advertising allows businesses to run multiple ads on one station without having to pay for separate spots.

    When choosing a radio station for your advertising campaign, it’s important to consider your target audience. Radio stations are traditionally targeted towards men or women between the ages of 18 and 34, but there are many other demographics that can be reached with well-timed ads. By strategically selecting which stations to advertise on and targeting your ads specifically to your audience, you can improve the chances that your message will be heard by the right people.

    With such an affordable option as radio advertising,

    Radio Laser 98 FM Advertising

    When the billboards lining the highways began to sprout small antennas and whip out radios tuned in to 98 FM, the city had a new favorite station. The Hawk 97.9 FM advertising campaign promised nothing but the best for their listeners and that promise has been kept. The DJs keep their playlist current with all the latest hits, and the commercials are sure to get your attention without being too intrusive. From car dealerships to restaurants, there is something for everyone on 98 FM. Plus, the sound quality is unbeatable for this type of radio.

    Radio Laser 98 FM Sports

    Sports have been a part of the American culture for as long as there have been radios. Beginning with simple broadcasts of baseball, football and other sports events, the radio industry has continued to grow and improve its ability to deliver live sports programming.

    Radio providers have responded by developing new and innovative ways to deliver sports programming to their listeners. The most common method is simply broadcasting the games live over the air. However, there are also radio stations that offer Sports Mix channels, which combines live broadcasts with pre-recorded game highlights, interviews and other content to give listeners a more complete experience.

    There are also radio stations that focus specifically on delivering sports information. These stations offer a variety of programs including Baseball Tonight, Soccer Saturday and NFL Weekly. These stations provide professional sports fans with all the news and analysis they need to stay up-to-date on their favorite teams.

    Thanks to the improvements in technology, radio listeners now have access to a wide range of sports programming options. Whether they want to tune into a live game or just listen to some pre-recorded highlights, they can find a station that meets their needs at Radio Laser 98 FM.

    Radio Laser 98 FM Sports is a new station broadcasting from Donegal, Ireland. The station is licenced to play Gaelic games and music while giving sports coverage for Donegal and Connacht in general.

    Radio Laser 98 FM Sports is led by Brendan McGivney who has been dealing with the GAA for over 25 years now. McGivney has overseen many successful projects in the past such as the launch of RTÉ’s All-Ireland Championship coverage on their radio stations across the country and their coverage of both TG4’s Gala and All-Ireland Semifinal games last year.

    McGivney is also responsible for managing a team that includes broadcasters from RTÉ, TG4 and Raidió Fáilte Ireland who will be covering all sport events that take place in the Connacht region.

    Radio Laser 98 FM is a commercial radio station licensed to serve the community of Lewes, Delaware. The station’s broadcast license is held by Lighthouse Broadcasting, LLC.

    Radio Laser 98 FM broadcasts a sports format featuring national and local sports talk programming. Programming includes "SportsCenterwith Dan Patrick" from ESPN Radio, programmed weekday mornings; "The Dan Patrick Show" with Dan Patrick morning drive time show, airing weekdays from 10am to noon; "The Tony Kornheiser Show" with Tony Kornheiser weekday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm; "Pardon the Interruption" with Mike Tirico airing weekday evenings from 7pm to 9pm; and "Mike Greenberg’s important baseball stuff" airing on weekends. Local content includes coverage of high school sports as well as information about local teams and players.

    In addition, Radio Laser 98 FM airs live and pre-recorded music programming including classic rock, alternative rock, bluegrass, country, jazz and gospel music concerts as well as talk shows and interviews.

    Non-sports programming on Radio Laser 98 FM includes religious services; talk shows focusing on domestic issues and relationships such as "Heartlines with Betsy Kuhn"; children’s

    Radio Laser 98 FM Competitions

    One of the most popular forms of leisure activity in the world today is listening to music. However, many people who enjoy this activity do not have the opportunity to listen to their favorite style of music whenever they want. This is where radio lasers come in.

    Radio lasers are a type of light firearm that uses a beam of energy directed into an opponent’s eyes or head. These firearms can be very dangerous if used incorrectly, but with proper training and safety protocols, they can be a lot of fun.

    There are many different radio laser competitions around the world, and they range from simple events like firing 750 shots without reloading to more complex challenges such as hitting certain targets at specific distances. Regardless of the challenge, each competition is conducted under strict safety guidelines that protect both participants and spectators.

    Radio laser shooting is a great way to stay active and entertained without having to worry about lifting weights or going on long hikes. Not only does it provide an enjoyable pastime, but it also teaches valuablehooting skills that can be applied to other recreational activities.

    A radio laser competition has just been hosted in Coppell, Texas and results are in! The top winners of the event were: first place – VERTEX; second place – Bigtronics; and third place – KKFC.

    This competition was held using a 150 watt laser sharpened on a grinding machine to a beam width of less than 1/1000th of an inch. This is the smallest size that can be easily produced without damaging the equipment.

    The goal was to project a dot on a target 100 feet away and measure the time it took to reach the target. The distance between the transmitter and target was measured with mirrors that converged the beam onto a photo-diode.

    There are many amateur and professional radio enthusiasts around the world that compete in these types of events. They use high powered lasers for communications, tracking, surveying, and mapping applications.

    Radio Laser 98 FM competitions are held every year in different states to determine the best radio laser operators. The objective of these competitions is to stimulate innovation and creativity in the radio laser community by challenging contestants to design, build, test and operate the best possible radio lasers.

    The Texas statewide 2nd Annual Radio Laser Competition was recently held at Texas A&M University over the weekend of October 14-15, 2017. This competition featured teams from universities all over Texas competing in a variety of categories.

    There were five main categories represented at this competition: Single-Channel Operation, Multi-Channel Operation, High Speed Operation, Beam Quality Control and Software Development.

    Single-Channel Operation featured teams from Texas A&M University, Rice University and Southern Methodist University. Multi-Channel Operation featured teams from Baylor University, UT Arlington and UT Dallas. High Speed Operation featured teams from the University of Houston and UT Arlington. Beam Quality Control featured teams from Sam Houston State University and Lamar University. Software Development competed for first place with Wayne State College winning this category.

    Overall, the event was a success with many teams demonstrating their skills in various unique ways. It was fantastic to see so many students coming together to

    Radio Laser 98 FM FAQs

    How do I enter 98fm Competition?

    Enter the competition by going to and clicking on the “Competition” tab, then selecting “Create a Contest.” From here, you will be prompted to enter your name, email address, and station name. Once submitted, your entry will be automatically checked for proper formatting and submission completion.

    How do you get into radio competitions?

    There are a few ways you can get into radio competitions. You can try to win them, or enter them as one of the official categories. There are also many online contests that you can enter by filling out a form and submitting your entry.

    How do you get on Today FM Competition?

    Today FM is a national radio station in Ireland. You can get on the competition by submitting an application to become a member of the station. Once you are a member, you can submit your music and audio content for airplay.

    How do I enter Newstalk Competition?

    To enter the Newstalk competition, simply send an email to with your name, address and telephone number. Our judging panel will then contact you to arrange a time for you to take part in the competition.