Rafael networks Python-5 short-range air-to-air missile with Global Link SDR

from Robin Hughes

The Python-5 air-to-air missile, installed in the foreign stores of the Israeli Air Force's F-16I multi-role fighter aircraft.  (Raphael's Advanced Defense Systems)

The Python-5 air-to-air missile, installed in the foreign stores of the Israeli Air Force’s F-16I multi-role fighter aircraft. (Raphael’s Advanced Defense Systems)

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems upgrades its fifth-generation Python-5 short-range air-to-air (AAM) network capability, which allows it to acquire tactical air-to-air targets from associated aircraft equipped with the company’s Global Link system with software defined radio (SDR).

Based on Rafael’s patented BNET technology, Global Link is an advanced on-board multiband (VHF / UHF + L) highly automated IP MANET (mobile ad hoc network) SDR designed to increase the exchange of secure information between modern combat aircraft in tactical operations. MANET is a multishop, self-configuring and autonomous network that uses intermediate mobile nodes as a router and transmits data between mobile devices.

Using Multi-Channel Reception (MCR) technology, Global Link simultaneously supports legacy (AM / FM) communication and advanced MANET waveforms with high-capacity data, digital voice, video and multiple multiple relays to create a tactical network between high-speed streams. which not only provides enhanced awareness of the situation in the air, but also provides an uplink to Python-5 by Raphael and other AAMs.

As a result, a modern fighter jet equipped with Global Link is able to launch Python-5 AAM to a target that is derived from the tactical network rather than its own radar, Yaniv Rotem, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Air -to -Aircraft missiles, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, said Jane’s. According to Rotem, it is not necessary to install an additional transceiver on the aircraft, as the same SDR allows the functions of the connection up to the missile.

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Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has improved its fifth generation Python-5 from short-range air-to-air …