Raytheon unveils compact AESA radar

The AESA APG-82 (V) 1 radar provides improved tracking of many targets, precise traction capabilities and system reliability. (Image: Raytheon)

Raytheon launches a highly capable lightweight AESA radar designed for air, sea and land platforms.

Raytheon has introduced its latest affordable, lightweight and compact AESA radar

According to the manufacturer, it provides the ability of AESA heavy fire control radar at half price.

The new radar weighs just over 100 pounds, making it one-third the weight of most modern AESA radars.

It achieves high performance at reduced weight and cost through the use of Gallium Nitride technology, a digital receiver / exciter and processors called CHIRP, and a unique air-cooled design.

Raytheon AESA radar features an open architectural design that allows for quick upgrades while keeping operating and maintenance costs low.

Their AESA radars have proven combat reliability with more than one million flight hours in total since the first AESA operational radar developed for the F-15C Eagle in 2000.

Raytheon AESA radars are trusted by the military around the world, as USAF orders Radar AN / APG-82 (V) AESA for the F-15EX in June this year and USMC orders more AN / APG-79 (V) 4 radar earlier in May.