Raytheon’s X-Net Radio System Receives Type-1 Certification From NSA

The National Security Agency has issued a certificate to X-Net, a data communication system designed by a Raytheon Technologies business to support operations to securely connect data to airborne ammunition and other weapon systems.

Ryton intelligence and spacethe X-Net system through Type 1 certification, is already recognized as a Crypto High Value Product that allows data transmission on multiple air and ground platforms to the Ministry of Defense, the company announced on Tuesday.

The The X-Net radio communication system was introduced in 2018. to meet the requirement for the military to have a secure data connection that allows for continuous communication during surveillance and intelligence operations.

The software-defined radio system works in support of missions by selecting optimal radio frequencies in a contested environment.

“X-Net meets the critical need of the military; as more platforms connect to communications networks, it will be vital to preserve the data transmitted on those networks, especially when it comes to arms control, ”said Dennis Donohue, vice president of communications and airspace management systems at RI&S.

RI&S has been creating information security systems for more than three decades and 100 of these products are NSA certified.