SDR course supports radio-comms understanding

SDRplay Announces Radio Communication Course To Teach Students As Part Of Its SDRplay Training Program

“Understanding Radio Communications – Using SDRs” includes a set of learning materials and practical exercises to help students understand the key elements of radio communications.

This one-semester course provides study materials and workshops that guide students from the first inclusion of software-defined radio (SDR) to signal reception, demodulation, and finally, successful communication with satellite signals.

In addition to tutorials and tutorials for teachers for both lecture and lab sessions, there are tutorials available for download in both PowerPoint and .pdf formats.

There are video tutorials showing laboratory activities and there is a special new forum for teachers to share experiences and get help from the authors.

The course was created in collaboration with academic partners at the Sapienza University in Rome, Department of Mechanical and Space Engineering, with the aim of creating a practical course that will inspire science, technology and engineering students to develop their understanding of radio communications.

The course began life as a 12-hour optional course for third-year students with a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering and has been expanded to make it suitable for all students who have some basic knowledge of signal theory and signal processing. It can be implemented as an additional or optional “module” or adapted to be included as materials throughout the year of radio communication.

Robert Owen, a university program specialist at Essaimage who leads the academic team, said: “I spent 26 years in global ‘university programs’ and learned two basic principles during that time. The first is that learning materials must meet an essential need in the curriculum, not just be something that business believes should be taught. And second, that the best teaching materials come from academics, not commercial trainers. This course, Understanding Radiocommunications, generously follows these principles and I am proud to be associated with it! “

Details of the course structure can be found by going to

Main dates:

• November 19, 2020, 1400 UTC – Developers of SDRplay and Course, Lorenzo Frezza and Paolo Marzioli from the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (DIMA), Sapienza University in Rome, will host a webinar presenting the program and asking questions via chat on YouTube.