Security guard’s body recovered after 44 hrs

Hundreds, including many pedestrians and travelers, are being treated at various hospitals in Dhaka.

The explosion is believed to have been caused by a gas leak somewhere in the building.

Police ruled out any false actions behind the incident.

Distorted pillars, pieces of glass, and broken concrete were everywhere on 79 Outer Ring Road.

Two badly damaged buses were left in a pile in front of the three-story building, witnesses said.

A Monirul Islam Ramna (OC) police chief said: “The officer has disappeared from the blast.”

The deceased was identified as Janat, 23, and his nine-month-old daughter, Sobhana, a 39-year-old Suapan private car driver, Abul Kashem Molah, a 45-year-old bus driver, Ruhul Amin, a 30-year-old private, a cook at Sharma House Osman. Gani Tushar, 35, and Radio Dhwani journalist Mostafizur Rahman, 26

Earlier, Police Chief Benazir Ahmed said explosives experts would investigate the deadly bombing in Mogbazar, although he did not believe the incident was caused by a bomb.

In the meantime, a five-member investigative body has been set up to investigate the incident. Md Asaduzzaman, head of the Counter-Terrorism Police Unit (CTTC), will head the panel, assisted by the additional deputy commissioner of the bomb disposal unit.

On the other hand, law enforcement agencies have formed a seven-member committee to investigate the incident.

In addition, a seven-member commission is tasked with inspecting the scene and submitting a detailed report on the incident within seven working days, the police department said on Monday.

The members of the committee include a special police chief from the CID forensic department, a special police chief from the CTSB, an additional police chief from the counter-terrorism unit, a co-commander of APBN and a deputy chief explosives inspector from the explosives directorate. .

The panel will work in coordination with the commission of inquiry of the fire service to determine the cause of the explosion and formulate recommendations to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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