Spectranetix Announces Deliveries of CMOSS/SOSA-Aligned SX-920 Series 100 GbE 3U OpenVPX Chassis

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SUNNYVALE, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Spectranetix, Inc., a Pacific defense company, is proud to announce deliveries of its industry-leading 3U OpenVPX solid chassis to the U.S. Army, the Canadian Department of Defense and major U.S. contractors. The rugged chassis of the SX-920 series is 40/100 Gb Ethernet and complies with the US Army’s C5ISR modular open source standard package (CMOSS) and Open Group’s Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) technical standard.

This press release includes multimedia. See the full version here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210608005484/en/

Spectranetix CMOSS / SOSA-Aligned SX-920 Series OpenVPX chassis for electronic warfare and secure tactical communication in US military vehicles (Photo: Business Wire)

Spectranetix CMOSS / SOSA-Aligned SX-920 Series OpenVPX chassis for electronic warfare and secure tactical communication in US military vehicles (Photo: Business Wire)

The SX-920 Series front load chassis can be built in a number of socket profile configurations. Three standard configurations include a 7-slot small-profile chassis (pictured right) and 11 or 13 slots 19-inch Rack Mount formers with 4, 6, and 8 payload slots, respectively. The Spectranetix chassis is ideal for multifunctional RF missions in ground mobile, ship and air systems and is currently used by the US Army for electronic warfare and communications. CMOSS / SOSA compliance ™ means that users can easily insert CMOSS / SOSA hardware products from a fast-growing ecosystem, regardless of the manufacturer.

The 7-slot small-profile chassis is specifically designed to provide maximum flexibility in the available mounting locations in current U.S. Army vehicles, while providing 4 payload slots, 1 reference and synchronization slot, 1 network switch slot, and 1 power slot Larger chassis with 11 and 13 slots are ideal for larger complex systems requiring more payload slots and multifunctional system platforms.

“With 100Gb Ethernet and proven ability to produce a range of chassis configurations, our chassis products are market leaders in mission performance and adaptability,” said Brett Banfield, vice president and CEO of Spectranetix. “Our customers’ missions require the highest levels of productivity and flexibility.”

Spectranetix is ​​a leader in developing high-performance CMOSS / SOSA products with a robust product range, including software-defined SX-430 and SX-433 radios, the SX-330 single-board computer, and the SX-310 digital signal processor. SX-124 Precision Navigation and Timing and SX-153 Dual Domain Network 40/100 Gbe Switch Cards will be released later this year.

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Spectranetix, based in Silicon Valley and Seattle, builds state-of-the-art CMOSS / SOSA-based systems and wireless technologies for defense prime ministers, military groups, government agencies and commercial industries. The main competencies of Spectranetix are the construction of harmonized / CMOSS / SOSA ™ hardware / software / tool kits, radio frequency communications, electronic warfare technologies, system design, networks and hardware / software integration. Information about Spectranetix is ​​available at www.spectranetix.com. Spectranetix is ​​part of the family of Pacific defense companies. Headquartered in El Segundo, California, Pacific Defense takes an organic commercial approach to military electromagnetic spectrum technologies and solutions. Pacific Defense supports the Department of Defense’s disciplined move toward modular open standards and reflects the way military services are addressing the fight against EMS. For more information visit www.pacific-defense.com.


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