STL collaborates with Facebook Connectivity to develop Evenstar 4G, 5G radio units, Telecom News, ET Telecom

STL is collaborating with Facebook Connectivity to develop 4G, 5G Evenstar radios
NEW DELHI: Integrator of digital networks Sterile technologies (STL) said it was cooperating Connecting with Facebook for 4G design and development and 5G radio products as part of Evenstar program.

Through the collaboration, STL and Facebook Connectivity aim to accelerate the commercial implementation of Open a radio access network (Open RAN) and increasing the 5G readiness of telecom operators around the world, an official statement said on Tuesday.

The concept of Open RAN essentially means that telecommunications operators can disaggregate hardware and software components of the network. This allows them to supply technology products from different vendors to co-exist with different software vendors. In this way, companies can obtain hardware such as radio from contract makers and integrate it with Open RAN-based software.

Meanwhile, the Evenstar program is a joint effort of Facebook Connectivity and players from the global industry to accelerate the adoption of Open RAN technology.

As part of the latest collaboration, STL said it will create two advanced, powerful macro radio products. The first of these is an O-RAN compliant radio, providing a larger capacity for tight placement.

STL will also develop an O-RAN compatible 4G + 5G radio with two technologies, which is said to support the two network technologies separately and / or simultaneously.

These 3GPP and O-RAN compatible radio products will be developed next year and will be available to telecom operators to increase the commercial deployment of Open RAN infrastructure and allow them to prepare their networks for 5G networks based on Open RAN. , is added to the statement.

“The Evenstar program is part of our efforts to accelerate the availability and commercial availability of Open RAN solutions, and we are excited to have STL on board. We look forward to working with STL to continue shifting the industry to open, disaggregated and more agnostic 5G networks, ”said Jadeep Ranade, Director of Wireless Engineering for Facebook Connectivity. “We are pleased to support and contribute to the Evenstar program to develop 3GPP and O-RAN compatible radio products.” By activating an open network infrastructure through efforts like this, we enable global telecommunications service providers to embrace the power of 5G technology to billions of people around the world at lower costs, ”added Chris Rice, CEO of Access Solutions Business , STL.

Earlier, STL released a suite of open network products, including 5G wireless products such as small Garuda indoor cells, 5G multiband macro radios and WiFi-6 access solutions, which are being tested with telecommunications companies in the United States, the United Kingdom, and APAC.