Sypris (SYPR) Wins Electronic Warfare Program

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Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc. (Nasdaq / GM: SYPR) announced today that it recently received a full production award from a major DOD contractor in the United States for the production and testing of multiple electronic power supply modules for a major US Navy critical program. Proceedings are expected to begin in the second half of 2021. The terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.

The program is a program to improve electronic warfare for the US Navy. The upgrade will provide an opportunity to actively jam incoming missiles that threaten a warship, lure replicas and quickly adapt to evolving threats. Improvements in the e-attack section will provide integrated countermeasures against radio frequency targeting and extended frequency range according to the Navy.

The system is software-defined, which means that unlike analog radars of the past, transmitters and receivers can be easily tuned to send and receive different waveforms and allow the system to be more easily adaptable.

The adaptability to active electronic attack comes as foreign aggressors develop several new classes of missiles simultaneously at considerable speeds. Systems like this program and new targeted energy weapons are part of the Navy’s commitment to improving its chances of surviving a conflict without having to invest in expensive new missile systems.

The system’s ability to change the game for non-kinetic electronic attack options has the potential to do much more. From advanced communications to multifunctional waveforms, the system’s multifunctional applications will provide enhanced mission capabilities for the U.S. Navy, while providing opportunities for future cost, size, weight, and power reductions, according to the U.S. Naval Institute.

“This award envisions moving to full-rate production from low-speed initial production once the operational testing and evaluation phase has been successfully completed,” said Jim Long, vice president and CEO of Sypris Electronics. “Our client is a world leader in the creation and delivery of military radars, sensors and related products. We are glad to have this opportunity to expand our relationship with this important client. “

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