T-7A Red Hawk to use Rohde & Schwarz radio communications

Rohde & Schwarzhas received a contract from Boeing for delivery R&S MR6000Rmulti-band on-board transceivers from the SOVERON software family, defined for the installation of Red Hawk. The T-7ARed Hawk is the new advanced pilot training system for USThe Air Force, which will train the next generation of pilots for decades to come.

Manufactured by Boeing and its risk-sharing teammate Saab, this is an all-new built-in training system designed for the mission of giving USAir Force is a flexible design that can be easily adapted as technology and training needs evolve. Boeing received a $ 9.2 billion contract for 351 T-7Aaircraft, 46 simulators and related ground equipment to be delivered and installed, replacing the 57-year-old fleet of the Air Education and Training Command T-38CHigh-heels.

R&S MR6000Rmeets small size, light and low power requirements, weighing less than four kilograms. It covers the frequency range from 30 MHz to 400 MHz and supports NATO’s HAVE QUICK II frequency algorithms for interoperability and digital standard high-speed SATURN.

“This collaboration is the culmination of years of unwavering teamwork by Boeing and Rohde & Schwarz“says Michael Hoster, vice president, Boeing Defense & Space, Germany.” Along with updated technology and performance capabilities, T-7Awill be equipped with an advanced radio communications package, which gives it an additional benefit by preparing pilots for fifth-generation aircraft. We look forward to working with Rohde & Schwarzon this very important project, as well as future opportunities. ”

“We are proud to work with Boeing, committed to providing systems that meet the training needs of USThe Air Force, Frank Dunn, President and CEO, Rohde & SchwarzThe United States (and Canada), Inc., explains. “The SOVERON radio transceivers provide excellent radio frequency characteristics suitable for applications in harsh military environments for all types of air platforms. Since this is a software-defined radio, we can adapt it for additional training opportunities. ‘

“Boeing’s expanded partnership with Rohde & Schwarzis a testament to how Boeing continues to integrate its global operations in Germany’s aerospace fabric and partners across the Atlantic with German industrial awards for advanced aerospace programs, “said Dr. Michael Heidinger, President of Boeing Germany, Central and Eastern Europe. BeNeLux & Nordics.