This homemade Star Trek Tricorder is powered by a Raspberry Pi

One of the most iconic devices in the sci-fi universe Star Trek is Tricoder, a portable device often used for scanning, analysis and recording. There are many officially licensed toy Tricorders and Phone cases with triad over the years, but a dedicated tinsmith has made his own functional clone.

Imgur Himmelen user posts photos of his home Tricorder showing a 3D printed folding device that looks very much like a prop Star Trek shows and movies (through HackADay). The upper section has a small LCD screen and a USB port, while the lower half has a working panel with buttons and another display.

“This is a completely personalized cyberdeck project that I was building during the pandemic that I designed after Star Trek’s Tricode,” said the creator in Reddit thread. He mentioned that the device is powered by Raspberry Pi Zero, a small single-board computer equipped with a GPS module and NESDR RTL-SDR radio. The keyboard itself is an impressive achievement as it is connected to an external one Arduino Nano (another single-board device) that processes the input and then sends the results to the Raspberry Pi.

If you want to see all the photos, go to Imgur’s full album. The End of Reddit there are also a few more comments from the creator about the build process.