TrellisWare Introduces Next Generation Waveform Katana™ Designed to Increase Resiliency for the Modern Battlefield

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SAN DIEGO- (BUSINESS WIRE) -TrellisWare Technologies, Inc., announced today the introduction of Katana™ waveform, their latest stable narrowband waveform designed to operate in a highly contested radio frequency (RF) communication environment. TrellisWare continues to be a leader in the development and deployment of the next generation of Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) mobile networks with the launch of Katana.

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TrellisWare Katana въл waveform (Graphics: Business Wire)

TrellisWare Katana въл waveform (Graphics: Business Wire)

The Katana the waveform is a modernization of sustainable long-term narrowband communications:

  • Provides simultaneously voice, position information (PLI) and MANET data, scalable to hundreds of nodes.

  • Extremely resistant to a complex electronic attack, confirmed in recent programs and tests of the United States Department of Defense (DoD).

  • Ability to upgrade the field for current generation TrellisWare® software-defined radios (SDRs) to support both TSM waveforms ( and Katana waveform.

  • It offers the possibility of primary, alternative, emergency and emergency work (PACE) for work in both congested and disputed environments.

  • Supports sensitive but unclassified (SBU) degree of interoperability with the US Warrior Robst Enhanced Enworking (WREN) Narrowband (WREN NB) waveform.

“TrellisWare is excited to offer Katana as part of our MANET arsenal that meets the changing needs of the fighter and provides communication in a contested RF environment when nothing else works,” said Dr. Sungill Kim, director of product management and strategic partnerships. “The Katana waveform is designed to work on all TrellisWare radios and modules and is SBU compatible with the WREN NB waveform, capable of operating on all single-channel and multi-channel US Army radios. We continue to be a leader in sustainable waveforms, pursuing the latest technological innovations so that the fighter is better prepared for conflicts with complex opponents.

If you will be in Washington for the AUSA Annual Meeting (October 11-13), please contact make an appointment to learn more about the possibilities of the Katana waveform.

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TrellisWare Technologies, Inc. is a world leader in highly sophisticated algorithms, waveforms and communication systems, ranging from small-form radio products to fully integrated solutions. The TrellisWare® TSM waveform is included in a wide range of systems, including TrellisWare® radios and reliable partner radios. TrellisWare provides the next generation of communications for the military and commercial markets When nothing else works™. For more information on TrellisWare products and solutions, please visit

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